Top 10 similar words or synonyms for persischen

silbernen    0.810424

zeugnisse    0.808086

welchem    0.805728

enthaltend    0.804495

griechischer    0.803397

arabische    0.802308

systematisch    0.801704

wirken    0.797567

ihres    0.796740

propheten    0.795212

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for persischen

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Adolf Fonahn Fonahn is known for his diverse areas of interest and multitude of his works; these included "Zur Quellenkunde der persischen
Johannes Albrecht Bernhard Dorn Dorn wrote a book "Über die Verwandtschaft des persischen, germanischen und griechisch-lateinischen Sprachstammes" (1827), in which he argued in detail that the Persian language was related to Germanic, Greek, and Latin. This thesis would later be confirmed by the findings of Indo-European studies, although many of Dorn’s supposed cognate pairs are mistaken.
Theodor Nöldeke Several of his essays first appeared in the "Encyclopædia Britannica", and his article on the Qur'an, with some others, was republished in a volume called "Oriental Sketches". The articles dealing with Persia were republished in a German volume, "Aufsätze zur persischen Geschichte" (Leipzig, 1887).
Hans Falk (bellmaker) A German scholar Adam Olearius, who travelled through Russia in the 1630s, mentions Hans Falk in his book "Beschreibung der muscowitischen und persischen Reise", saying that he was a very experienced craftsman from Nuremberg and taught Russians how to cast cannons. Adam Olearius also says that Falk was able to make cannons that could discharge 26 pounds (11.8 kg) of iron with 25 pounds (11.3 kg) of gunpowder. According to Olearius, this is what made Hans Falk famous in Holland.
Science and technology in Iran An idea of the number of medical works composed in Persian alone may be gathered from Adolf Fonahn's "Zur Quellenkunde der Persischen Medizin", published in Leipzig in 1910. The author enumerates over 400 works in the Persian language on medicine, excluding authors such as Avicenna, who wrote in Arabic. Author-historians Meyerhof, Casey Wood, and Hirschberg also have recorded the names of at least 80 oculists who contributed treatises on subjects related to ophthalmology from the beginning of 800 AD to the full flowering of Muslim medical literature in 1300 AD.