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Anarsia permissa Anarsia permissa is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It was described by Meyrick in 1926. It is found in Namibia.
Anarsia permissa The wingspan is about 13 mm. The forewings are grey-whitish irregularly irrorated blackish-grey and with an oblique blackish rhomboidal spot on the middle of the costa, three short oblique blackish streaks from the costa between this and the base, and two beyond it. There are many irregularly strewn rather short black longitudinal lines more or less edged with white. There is an irregular elongated dark grey patch in the disc before the middle, edged above with white, and a similar oval blotch in the disc beyond two-thirds. There is also a slender irregular blackish streak along the posterior portion of the costa and termen. The hindwings are pale subhyaline grey, with purple-blue reflections, suffused with grey on the veins and margins.