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Perkiomen School The Perkiomen School campus covers and is located in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, a small suburb within the Greater Philadelphia area.
Perkiomen School An 1874 graduate of the liberal arts college Franklin and Marshall, Wieand responded to the encouragement of Weiser to open an independent school in Pennsburg to supplement the limited educational opportunities provided in the area. With financial backing from the New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church and funds inherited by his wife, Wieand purchased a small plot of ground on the border between East Greenville and Pennsburg and built a combined house and school on the site of what is now Kriebel Hall (Perkiomen’s “Old Main”, which persisted as the physical foundation of the school as it evolved). The Wieands moved into the new school building in 1875 and thus began The Perkiomen School, known then as Perkiomen Seminary.
Perkiomen School The first students enrolled in 1875 and, for eight years, Mr. and Mrs. Wieand operated the school. The earliest years were difficult, with funding in short supply and illness plaguing the valley. During Christmas recess of 1883, diphtheria struck the Wieand family, taking the lives of three of their four children within five days. Mr. Wieand was so weakened and the fear of illness spreading so severe that the school did not reopen after the holidays.
Perkiomen School The Board of Trustees chose Mr. James O. Brown, Assistant Headmaster and Director of Admissions at the Pennington School, to succeed Rothenberger on September 1, 1969. With the arrival of Brown, the school returned to its roots as established by founder The Reverend Wieand and reintroduced coeducational enrollment with the first five girls in the Class of 1973 admitted as day students in September 1969.
Perkiomen School Since 1994, the size of the student body increased and Perkiomen was faced with the need for more academic space. The science laboratories in Hollenbach Science Hall had come to the end of their lifespan. It was obvious that Perkiomen was in need of modern classrooms with the ability to adapt to new technologies and changing expectations from students, their families, and the colleges they would attend.
Perkiomen School Working with students to help them achieve their collegiate aspirations is Tompkins’ first priority, which translated into the creation of the Office of College Counseling with two full-time counselors. During his years at Perkiomen, the school undertook the first renovation of the main floor of the Carnegie Library since 1913, with a focus on electronic research and media, and student study and reading spaces. With a love for inquiry-based education and a dedication to the relationship between students and faculty, Tompkins set active, engaging learning opportunities as priorities.
Perkiomen School Like Allison before him, Tompkins brings a career-long dedication and understanding of independent schools to Perkiomen. Tompkins was a founding trustee of both the Southeastern Association of Boarding Schools and the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals, he remains the headmaster representative to the National Association of Independent Schools Financial Aid Task Force (SSS), and was recently elected to the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) Board of Trustees.
Perkiomen School As The Perkiomen School looks to the future, its past enlightens and guides the mission and purpose of the school. The school reflects American values with an emphasis on being an open, welcoming, engaging place where students from every color, creed, and socio-economic background can ask questions, delight in academic discourse, learn to be productive members of society, and where they risk being their best.
Perkiomen School Ever since the Middle School (grades six through eight) re-opened in 1986, the Board of Trustees planned for a purpose-built home designed for the unique learning needs of the middle years. The construction of the Hollenbach Academic Center (housing the Allison Middle School) created a spacious, student-focused home for the Middle School. The building houses The Nallo Center (library and media center), dedicated arts and music rooms, science laboratory, and six general-purpose classrooms. Each classroom has an Activboard and natural light to enhance teaching and learning. Additionally, the building is wireless and provides laptop carts and at least four desktop computers for every classroom. This project was designed by The Spiezle Architectural Group and built by V.J. Scozzari and Sons. The Allison Middle School Program is unique in this region, with dedicated teaching staff, dedicated and designed space for middle schoolers, and a program as rich as the Upper School program, with access to many world languages and other advanced courses in which students are qualified to enroll.
Perkiomen School "The Moving Forward Campaign embodied the school motto 'Solvitur Vivendo' is solved by living. The Campaign touched all aspects of life at Perkiomen and improved it for every member of our community," stated Headmaster Allison prior to his retirement in 2008. Allison’s tenure witnessed a rebirth and transformation of a school with a proud past and a bright future.