Top 10 similar words or synonyms for periophthalmic

otorhinolaryngical    0.653744

collyrium    0.631786

opthalmic    0.629361

otolaryngeal    0.627450

eyedrops    0.623009

caruncle    0.619656

salinebalanced    0.614327

intraaural    0.609376

lacrilube    0.608272

adnexa    0.604169

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for periophthalmic

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Article Example
Jandaya parakeet The jandaya parakeet is a small long-tailed parakeet with reddish orange body, green wings, vent and tail, yellow head, neck, and shoulders, orange cheeks, black bill, whitish periophthalmic ring and dark eyes. The ends of the tail feathers are tinged in blue. It measures 30 cm (12 in) in length and weighs 125-140gm
Green-cheeked parakeet The green-cheeked parakeet is typically long and weighs 60 to 80 g. It is mainly green, with a brown/black/grey crown, white periophthalmic rings, green cheeks, blue primary wing feathers, a grey beak, and its long pointed tail is mostly maroon. It has short transverse striations on its breast and a red abdominal area. Males and females have an identical external appearance.
Eastern ground parrot Up to 30 cm long. Plumage grass green, each feather with black and yellow markings; narrow orange-red band to forehead; head, nape, upper back and breast green, each feather with black shaft marking; feathers of abdomen, thighs and under tail-coverts greenish yellow with black barring; under wing-coverts green; primary coverts green; flight-feathers green with pale stripe across them; underside of flight-feathers with pale yellow wing-stripe; upperside of tail-feathers green with yellowish striped markings, underside brownish; outer tail-feathers yellow with brownish-black striping; bill greyish brown to horn-colour; cere greyish pink; narrow periophthalmic ring pale grey; iris whitish yellow; longish feet greyish brown; claws not so curved as other parrots.
Cockatoo The plumage of the cockatoos is less brightly coloured than that of the other parrots, with species generally being either black, grey or white. Many species have smaller areas of colour on their plumage, often yellow, pink and red, usually on the crest or tail. The galah and Major Mitchell's cockatoo are more broadly coloured in pink tones. Several species have a brightly coloured bare area around the eye and face known as a periophthalmic ring; the large red patch of bare skin of the palm cockatoo is the most extensive and covers some of the face, while it is more restricted in some other species of white cockatoo, notably the corellas and blue-eyed cockatoo. The plumage of males and females is similar in most species. The plumage of the female cockatiel is duller than the male, but the most marked sexual dimorphism occurs in the gang-gang cockatoo and the two species of black cockatoos in the subgenus "Calyptorhynchus", namely the red-tailed and glossy black cockatoos. The iris colour differs in a few species, being pink or red in the female galah and Major Mitchell's cockatoo and red-brown in some other female white cockatoo species. The males all have dark brown irises.