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peruas    0.922268

acasos    0.859582

diarista    0.853032

insensato    0.850208

cabocla    0.846496

totalmente    0.844721

verdades    0.838787

secretas    0.838648

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Article Example
Ligações Perigosas Written by Manuela Dias, collaboration by Maria Helena Nascimento and Walter Daguerre, text supervision by Duca Rachid, direction by Vinicius Coimbra and Denise Saraceni.
Ligações Perigosas In a luxurious and sophisticated environment, Isabel and Augusto play seduction games without any commitment. Rich, elegant and amoral, they involve other people in their pleasure games to prove they are not as influenced or disposable as the others. They also compete to see who is the most successful in the art of seduction. Until an unexpected element unsettles their partnership: from the height of their arrogance, neither can imagine that love will irreversibly affect both of them.
Ligações Perigosas Starring Patrícia Pillar, Marjorie Estiano, Selton Mello, Alice Wegmann, Jesuíta Barbosa, Aracy Balabanian, Yanna Lavigne and Renato Góes.
Ligações Perigosas Ligações Perigosas is a 2016 Brazilian miniseries produced and broadcast by Rede Globo in 10 chapters. It was based on the classic French novel "Les Liaisons dangereuses", by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.
Ligações Perigosas The refinement and glamour of the story are reflected in the images of the miniseries, which was entirely shot and post-produced in 4K. In addition to contributing to the audience’s experience, UHD allows productions to take great artistic leaps, getting much closer to what you currently see in the movies. The luxury environment is reflected also in the grandeur of the sets and locations of the plot, which was shot in Rio de Janeiro, Argentina, and Uruguay. Nearly 30 staff members, ten actors, and more than 600 kilograms of luggage and equipment landed in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia. The team also shot in Santa Candida Palace, in Concepción del Uruguay. Founded in 1847, the construction by Italian architect Pedro Fossati is considered a national historic monument. In the plot, the palace belongs to the aunt of bon vivant Augusto de Valmont.
Diogo Pinto He is co-author of two books: “20 Ideias para 2020 – Inovar Portugal” (2005) and “Ideias Perigosas para Portugal” (2010).
Guilherme Leme In his long career, he participated in the telenovelas "Bambolê", "Bebê a Bordo", "Vamp", "Perigosas Peruas" and "De Corpo e Alma". He made a cameo in the children's series "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo".
Bianca Byington In 2013, she was hired by Rede Record will be where the first novel of author Carlos Lombardi in broadcast. Byington and Lombardi worked together in "Perigosas Peruas" (1992) and "Quatro por Quatro" (1994).
Bianca Byington Already in 2006, returning from Portugal, where she was invited to film director José Fonseca e Costa the film "Viúva Rica Solteira Não Fica", Byington was invited by Carlos Lombardi, author of "Perigosas Peruas", who has also had worked at "Quatro por Quatro" (1994), to make a cameo on the soap opera "Bang Bang", where she played the widow Jones.
Sílvia Pfeifer In television began in 1990, Rede Globo, acting in the novel: "Meu Bem, Meu Mal". At 92, he made "Perigosas Peruas". In 94 "Tropicaliente". In 96: "O Rei do Gado" and "Malhação". In 98: "Torre de Babel". In 2000: "Uga, Uga". In 2001: "O Clone". In 2002: "Desejos de Mulher". In 2003: "Kubanacan" and "Celebridade". In 2006, "Pé na Jaca".