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guisheng    0.867005

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Zhu Pengkai Zhu Pengkai (; born March 21, 1987) is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category F12 javelin events.
Zhu Pengkai Zhu had to pull out of the pentathlon in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in his home country, but he did manage to win the F11/12 javelin gold medal in front of the home fans.
Sihai, Manipur Agriculture is the main occupation of the settlers. The main crops grown in these settlements are rice, corn, and pulses of many varieties. Sihai Khullen is well known in Ukhrul district for cabbage cultivation and its large scale export. Sihai in general is also famous for it traditional bamboo handicrafts. Bamboo products from the village include various types of baskets locally called sopkai, pengkai, luk, ngala shung, kashai, shung, etc. Sihai is also famous in the district for uniqueness of the folk songs and folk dance.99.9% of the population are Christians. Literacy rate of the settlements is 64%.
Olympic Stadium (London) In the field events, World records were set by Hani Alnakhli, Alexey Ashapatov, Aigars Apinis Lahouari Bahlaz, Mohamed Berrahal, Kelly Cartwright, Yanlong Fu, Leonardo Diaz, Zeljko Dimitrijevic, Tanja Dragic, Najat El Garraa, Javad Hardani, Todd Hodgetts, Jun Wang, Maroua Ibrahmi, Juan Yao, Mohsen Kaedi, Mohammad Khalvandi, Gocha Khugaev, Karolina Kucharczyk, Assunta Legnante, Maciej Lepiato, Liu Fuliang, Drazenko Mitrovic, Azeddine Nouiri, Katarzyna Piekart, Mariia Pomazan, Nikita Prokhorov, Qing Wu, Markus Rehm, Raoua Tlili, Wang Yanzhang (athlete), Zhu Pengkai, Oksana Zubkovska. Multiple records were set in the field by Dong Xia, Birgit Kober, Na Mi, Yang Liwan, and Wang Zhiming.
2011 IPC Athletics World Championships Iran’s Seyed Erfan Hosseini Liravi set a world record in the men’s javelin F12/13 with a throw of 61.48m, though the gold medal was won by China's Pengkai Zhu with 61.90. Liravi is classified F13 and Zhu is classified F12, and the world record was for F13 classified athletes. (F12: may recognise the shape of a hand, visual acuity of 2/60, and/or visual field of less than 5 degrees. F13: visual acuity ranges from 2/60 to 6/60, and/or visual field over 5 degrees and less than 20 degrees.)