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aradus    0.727171

mauritanicus    0.726061

sergia    0.724722

carthaginensis    0.722715

provincialis    0.721553

cernuella    0.721389

barbula    0.717235

cyrestinae    0.714899

purpureo    0.712930

gortyna    0.712370

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Crepidodera peloponnesiaca Crepidodera peloponnesiaca is a species of flea beetle from Chrysomelidae family that is endemic to Greece.
Oenus (river) The Oenus (Ancient Greek: , - "Oinountas", also called "Kelefina") is a river in the Peloponnese peninsula, southern Greece. It rises in the watershed of Mt. Parnon, and, after flowing in a general southwesterly direction, falls into the Eurotas, at the distance of little more than a mile from Sparta. (Polyb. ii. 65, 66; Liv. xxxiv. 28.) The principal tributary of the Oenus was the Gorgylus (Greek: Γόργυλος, Polyb. ii. 66), probably the river of Vrestená. (Leake, "Peloponnesiaca", p. 347.) The municipal unit Oinountas, part of the municipality Sparta, was named after the river Oenus.