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Pedro Montt Pedro Elías Pablo Montt Montt (29 June 1849, Santiago, Chile – 16 August 1910, Bremen, Germany) was a Chilean political figure. He served as the president of Chile from 1906 to his death from a probable stroke in 1910. His government furthered railroad and manufacturing activities but ignored pressing social and labour problems.
Pedro Montt The son of the former Chilean president Manuel Montt Torres and Rosario Montt Goyenechea, Pedro Montt graduated in law from the National Institute in 1870. He was elected a member of the Chamber of Deputies in 1876 and became its president in 1885. Montt held two posts in the cabinet of President José Manuel Balmaceda, but in 1891 he took an active part in the revolution that overthrew Balmaceda. He then went to the United States, first as an agent of the revolutionary junta and later (after U.S. recognition) as Minister.
Pedro Montt Unsuccessful in his first bid for the presidency in 1901, Montt was elected by a large majority in 1906 as the candidate of the National Union ticket. His first action was to call out the army to suppress large-scale strikes in 1907, which resulted in the Santa María School massacre. His administration supported the construction of a railway that ran the length of the country and stimulated the production of nitrates and copper. It did little, however, to improve the living conditions of the people. In 1909, then-child-prodigy pianist Claudio Arrau played for Montt, who was so taken by the performance that he authorized a ten-year grant from the Chilean government for Arrau to study in Europe. In 1910, Montt left Chile for medical treatment in Germany, but died before he could return to Chile.
Juan Guillermos Island It is located north of Cochrane Island, south-west of Barros Arana and Pedro Montt Islands.
Chilean presidential election, 1906 The Chilean presidential election of 1906 took place through a system of electors, and resulted in the election as President of Pedro Montt.
Trolleybuses in Valparaíso The Avenida Pedro Montt route was discontinued in 1991, leaving only the Avenida Colón route in service. ETCE tried reinstating the Pedro Montt service twice since then, in October 2002 and January 2007, but withdrew it again just a few months later in both instances, after finding that competing service run by other bus companies along the same street made that corridor a money-loser for ETCE.
Sara del Campo She was the daughter of Evaristo del Campo Madariaga and of Antonia Yávar Ruiz de Cabrera. She married Pedro Montt on January 3, 1881, but they had no descendants.
1906 Valparaíso earthquake On August 25, President Germán Riesco and President Pedro Montt arrived at Valparaíso. They arrived there by train, on foot, or horseback to survey the magnitude of the disaster.
Sara del Campo Sara del Campo Yávar (31 December 1855 in Santiago – 4 October 1927 in Santiago) was First Lady of Chile from 1906 to 1910, and the wife of President Pedro Montt.
Centro Sismológico Nacional Originally conceived by University rector Valentín Letelier, the Service was founded by the president Pedro Montt on 1 May 1908, to the need for a seismological organization in the country after the earthquake that struck Valparaíso in 1906.