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Pecados ajenos Vonn penned this urban melodrama set in West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach. It features star-crossed lovers who fall in love at the worst possible moment. The show dealt with topics such as homosexuality and homophobia in Hispanic culture, date rape and marital rape, drug addiction and alcoholism, domestic violence, prostitution, abortion, incest, the dangers of religious fanaticism, illegal immigration, mental disorders like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, animal cruelty, and the corruption and abuse in women's prisons.
Pecados ajenos Natalia and Adrián are strangers who live in different cities but discover in an instant that they belong together. They were both married for over twenty years, and each has two beautiful young children. Their lives are quite similar—and both are unhappy and frustrated. Destiny brings the two together when they are each on the verge of divorce.
Pecados ajenos Natalia regains consciousness and breaks a lamp on Manuel's head in anger, killing him. Inés, who Natalia still believes to be her friend and has no idea helped plan the whole thing, tells Natalia to run away because the police are coming. Natalia goes to Monica's house, who is packing up to leave for work, and explains everything that just happened. Monica tells Natalia that she should go to Pompano Beach with her while Inés clears up the misunderstanding with the police. Monica, Natalia, and Monica's friend Georgina leave for Pompano but have a car accident. Monica and Natalia are okay, but Georgina dies inside the exploding car. Because her body is left unrecognizable and because Natalia's ID is left inside the car with her, the police believe it is Natalia the one who is dead.
Pecados ajenos Filming of "Pecados Ajenos" was scheduled to begin in July, 2007, with the debut expected in August. On the set in Southwest Ranches, Florida, the crew worked a 12-hour day, during which they shot one and a half episodes' worth of scenes. Locations included Davie, Wellington, Pompano Beach and Palm Beach, Florida. David Posada and Danny Gavidia directed the series.
Sete Pecados The Seven Sins - Envy, Anger, Vanity (Pride), Sloth, Gluttony, Avarice (Greed) and Lust - are part of everybody daily life. They are directly related to human small weaknesses, tragedies and even humour. In this telenovela, each character is in possession of one or more sins.
Sete Pecados In contrast to the sins, several characters possess the virtues. Two of those people are Dante and Clarice. In the beginning, she believes that Beatriz is her best friend and confides to her, even though she is alerted by her implicant mother Agripina. As the story goes, she will discover that Beatriz is not her friend, but her actual rival.
Sete Pecados Custódia is Beatriz's guardian angel. Custódia, disguised herself as the fortune-teller woman, and convinced Beatriz that she will be happy only when she finds the man with the angel soul. However, Custodia didn't see in her cards that this man was married! To help her, Custódia becomes her maid, along the archangel Gabriel.
Pecados ajenos Show was launched for example in Poland on Puls TV and in Romania on Acasa TV.
Pecados ajenos In the end we discover it was all a dream by Natalia while in a two-year coma, and that everything is about to happen as she dreamed it.
Pecados ajenos The story begins in West Palm Beach, Florida, when Natalia decides to leave her husband, Rogelio. She is tired of twenty years of domestic violence and marital rape by Rogelio and the constant insults of threats by Mrs. Ágata, her mother-in-law. Natalia informs Ágata and Rogelio that she and her kids are leaving the mansion that night and that the legal divorce will be taken care of days after. Intent on teaching Natalia a lesson, Ágata calls Inés (Natalia's supposed best friend who actually despises Natalia) and the two agree on carrying a plot they had been planning for months.