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Pasiones Pasiones is the 14th album by Puerto Rican singer Ednita Nazario. It was released on July 26, 1994.
Pasiones encendidas Pasiones encendidas is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ernesto Alonso for Televisa in 1978.
Tierra de Pasiones In a beautiful valley where the most exquisite grapes are farmed, an intense and sizzling love story will flourish between Valeria San Roman, a beautiful woman with a strong character, which has given her the strength to face life's deceptions, and Francisco Contreras, renowned publisher, widower and a man of will.
Tierra de Pasiones Valeria, who manages the San Roman vineyard, hasn’t had an easy life. Her own father, Jose Maria `Chema` San Roman, the family's patriarch, has always hated her because she is the only one who doesn’t obey him. A man without scruples, selfish and womanizing, Chema arrived to the United States, married Valeria's mom to steal everything from her and later disposed of her. If that weren’t enough, Chema schemes a hideous plan causing Valeria to experience a horrible betrayal.
Cañaveral de Pasiones Daniela Castro and Juan Soler star as the main protagonists, while Azela Robinson, Roberto Ballesteros, Marisol Santacruz and Angelica Aragon star as the main antagonists.
Cañaveral de Pasiones Josefina Montero, a respectable woman, suspects that her husband, Amador, is having an affair with Margarita Faberman. In reality, Amador's affair is with Margarita's sister, Dinorah. One stormy night Amador and Dinorah plan to leave together. However, Margarita discovers this and tries to stop them. She locks Dinorah in her room at home and goes to the place Amador is waiting for Dinorah. She finds him in his car and tries to convince him to return to his family. When this fails, Amador begins to drive her back, however his car rolls over and they are killed. This further convinces everyone else that they were lovers planning to leave. To save herself, Dinorah lets everyone else believe it so. Eventually, she marries her late sister's husband, Fausto Santos. A bitter Josefina is now a widow and does everything she can to tarnish the Faberman's name.
Cañaveral de Pasiones 10 years later, Fausto's daughter, Julia, has grown into a lovely woman, but she has a bad reputation thanks to Josefina. The Montero's son, Pablo, has also grown into a handsome man, returning from studying abroad. They fall in love; however, they are resisted by the feud between their families, as well as by other love interests like Juan de Dios and Gina Elizondo.
Cañaveral de Pasiones Ultimately, Dinorah's lies are exposed, through an eyewitness —the town witch Doña Remedios— and with plane tickets showing she and Amador were plotting to escape. In a fight with her husband Fausto she kills him with his shotgun. One stormy night she finds her lover Rufino, who is evading justice for his own bad deeds. They decide to escape together. This time Remedios intervenes and causes their pick-up truck to roll over, in a scene very similar to the accident years before. They survive: Rufino tries to escape on foot, but is caught; Dinorah is trapped under the overturned truck. In the hospital she realizes she lost her legs and commits suicide by cutting her wrists with scissors, telling Julia with her last dying breath she hates her for being a symbol of what she couldn't have: a child with Fausto, her true love, whom she murdered. With the truth known and their families no longer feuding, Julia and Pablo finally marry.
Sinú, río de pasiones Sinú, río de pasiones (English: "River of Passions") is a Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol Televisión from January 18 to April 19, 2016. It stars Natalia Jerez, Mario Espitia, , Carlos Enrique Almirante and as the main protagonists.
Duelo de Pasiones Álvaro Montellano receives a letter addressed for his wife and written by his farmhand, José Gómez. Upon reading it he thinks his wife is in love with the farmhand and was planning to run away. In reality, the letter was meant for his sister Mariana Montellano, who loves José and even has a daughter with him, but Alfonsina, who is still in love with Álvaro, intercepted it and made him believe it was for his wife. Álvaro suffers from a disease called "celotipia", caused by a traumatic experience as a child when his father committed suicide after learning his wife had cheated on him with their farmhand. Consumed by jealousy and hatred toward his wife and her affair, he shuns her and their daughter, Alina, and exiles his wife to another, Sierra Escondida, where she continues to suffer his abuse and humiliation. Believing Alina to be the result of this liaison and not his daughter, Álvaro threatens the life of Alina's mother and forces Alina to live in a cave, leaving her in the care of the local healer, Luba and her son Gaspar, while Soledad. Here, Alina becomes known by the name of 'Flor del Campo'.