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Thoresby Colliery Coal seams worked by or available to the pit included the Parkgate seam (from 1977 after closure of Ollerton Colliery); the Deep Soft seam; and the High Hazels seam (working ceased 1983).
Elsecar Collieries Coal extraction proper began at Elsecar Main between 1905 and 1908 when shafts were sunk to the Parkgate seam at 333 metres. Other seams worked were the Silkstone, Thorncliffe and the Swallow Wood seams. The colliery closed in October 1983
South Yorkshire Coalfield Other famous seams include the Parkgate seam that produced mainly gas coal, the Silkstone seam which produced coal suitable for many purposes and the Swallow Wood seam that produced household and gas coal.
Barnburgh Main Colliery The sinking reached the Barnsley seam in 1914 and later the Parkgate seam was reached. The colliery was adjacent to the Dearne Valley Railway to which it was connected but in 1924 a private line was constructed between Barnburgh and the Manvers complex.
Harworth Colliery With the decline of steam power in the late 1960s and coal being used less for gas and heating the coal began to be used for producing power. Power stations like Drax and Cottam used Harworth coal, this being transported by the SYJR. Other lower seams included the Parkgate seam.
Yorkshire Main Colliery Extraction of the Dunsil seam, about 18 yards lower, began in the 1950s, and the Swallow Wood seam in the 1970s. Plans had also been made to open up the Parkgate seam, but these were abandoned; the mine was closed in 1985.
Wath Main Colliery Sinking of the first of its two shafts began in 1873, the workings reaching the highly prized Barnsley seam three years later. To gain access to lower reserves the shafts were deepened, first in 1912 to reach the Parkgate seam and then, in 1923, to the Silkstone seam.
Dalton Main Collieries Ltd. In 1880 John Brown and Company Limited were listed as being the owners of Aldwarke Main at Parkgate. This colliery dated from 1867 and worked the Barnsley Seam, this being deepened to the Parkgate Seam some 10 years later. The second shaft was sunk to reach the Silkstone Seam in 1884.
Maltby Main Colliery The two shafts were deepened in the ten years from 1951 and this allowed horizontal access to the Barnsley seam. This also gave access to a new Swallow Wood seam. By 1969 the Barnsley seam was considered exhausted and production went over to Swallow Wood. In 1981 a major project commenced to mine the Parkgate seam. Costing £180,000,000 the first coal was brought to the surface just one year later.
Maltby Main Colliery The colliery was bought by RJB Mining, later renamed UK Coal, in 1994. Silverwood Colliery, the adjacent mine, closed in 1994 but had good reserves which could be worked from Maltby. Uncertainties with contracts, notably with the electricity generators, production was stopped in 1997. The pit recommenced operations and coal was gained from both the Parkgate seam, which is estimated to be exhausted by 2014, and the Silkstone seam, which will extend the life of the pit beyond that date.