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Article Example
Paraitinga River The Paraitinga River is a river of São Paulo state in southeastern Brazil. It is a tributary of the Paraíba do Sul.
Paraitinga River The headwaters are protected by the Mananciais do Rio Paraíba do Sul Environmental Protection Area, created in 1982 to protect the sources of the Paraíba do Sul river.
São Luiz do Paraitinga In the first days of 2010, the city was struck by a flood of the Paraitinga river, which made it lose eight historical constructions, including the São Luiz de Tolosa Church, the city's main church, built in the 19th century.
São Luiz do Paraitinga Some of the major historical sightseeing spots are:
São Luiz do Paraitinga The city's trademark music genre is the Marchinha, a popular Brazilian Carnival music genre with comical tones, played during the city's Carnival and other events. Another musical tradition present in the city is the Jongo, a samba-style folk dance that is performed close to a bonfire. It can be played as a game, where each singer must improvise the verses.
São Luiz do Paraitinga São Luiz do Paraitinga ("Saint Louis of the Paraitinga") is a municipality "(município)" in the eastern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The name Paraitinga comes from the Tupi language (Parahytinga) meaning clear water). The city is a major tourist destination of the Paraíba Valley region, particularly, due to its Historic Centre, declared a national heritage site, and its Caipira traditions, including the "Folia do Divino" and the "Carnival of Marchinas".
São Luiz do Paraitinga The city was founded in 1769 by bandeirantes originated from Taubaté, Mogi das Cruzes e Guaratinguetá and became a municipality in 1773. It obtained city recognition in 1857 and in 1873, it was recognized as an "imperial city", meaning that it was one of the 12 most important cities of Brazil at that time.
São Luiz do Paraitinga After the flooding, the city received R$15 million from the Ministry of National Integration, plus R$100 million from the state government, for reconstruction of infrastructure and flood prevention. In December 2010, the Historic Centre of the city was declared as a "national heritage site" by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), allowing the city to obtain federal funding for rebuilding several historical constructions, including the São Luís de Tolosa Church, expected to be re-inaugurated in April 2014.
São Luiz do Paraitinga São Luiz do Paraitinga contains more than 450 Portuguese colonial architecture constructions in an area larger than 6.5 million square meters, declared as National Heritage Site by the
São Luiz do Paraitinga National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN). These historical constructions reflect the city's former prosperity due to coffee farming and gold mining in the 19th century.