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cançoneta    0.794159

tres_siglos    0.790609

chanoc_en    0.781632

plegarias    0.777967

jauría    0.776355

distancias    0.775882

saúl_salinas    0.773037

conquistando    0.771118

mujer_que    0.767584

los_superagentes    0.767324

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Sôber Sôber is an alternative rock band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 1994. Founded when Carlos Escobedo posted an advertisement in a local guitar store and was then contacted by Antonio Bernardini to start Sober Stoned. The band's line-up has primarily consisted of vocalist/bassist Carlos Escobedo, guitarists Jorge Escobedo and Antonio Bernardini, while going through a number of drummers. In 2002, with Alberto Madrid as drummer, the band released "Paradÿsso". The album sold more than 100,000 copies. In 2004 they released "Reddo", which sold more than 50,000 copies.
Sôber Sôber began to become known among the rock scene and played alongside bands like Deftones, HIM, and Dover. They became the revelation group after their performance in a well-known rock festival, Festimad. In 2002, after an intense tour, they released their fourth studio album, "Paradÿsso". Songs like "Diez Años" and "Paradysso" rapidly become hit songs in Spain. The album was recorded in Cube Studios by Alberto Seara and was self-produced entirely by the band, giving them the opportunity to develop their own personal ideas. The album has been the band’s best, and was certified Gold and Platinum for selling more than 100,000 copies. They set off on a 2-year tour performing over 100 concerts.