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murugatrupadai    0.794060

swargavaathil    0.793758

manchalil    0.792721

ammayila    0.791304

vannenkil    0.791082

aathora    0.790693

kanakkuyil    0.790691

naagamadathu    0.789185

seithen    0.787854

irumanam    0.786984

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for paool

Article Example
Hansa Wadkar The four films Wadkar esteemed were "Sant Sakhu" (1941), "Lokshahir Ram Joshi" (1947) "Pudhache Paool" (1950) and "Mee Tulas Tuzya Angani" (1955) as they "marked four important stages" in her film career.
Amol Palekar As a director, he is known for the sensitive portrayal of women, selection of classic stories from Indian literature, and perceptive handling of progressive issues. He has directed several television serials on the national network such as "Kachchi Dhoop", "Mrignayani", "Naquab", "Paool Khuna" and "Krishna Kali".
Hansa Wadkar "Pudhache Paool" (The Next Step) (1950) directed by Raja Paranjpe for Manik Studios, Pune, was about a young man who runs away from his poverty-stricken family to find a better life for himself. He meets a Tamasha dancer who is only interested in money. The cast included Wadkar, Kusum Deshpande, Shakuntala Jadave and P. L. Deshpande. The music was composed by Sudhir Phadke. Wadkar acted in the film as her husband, Bandarkar, had signed the contract for her. She stated that from "an artistic point" her role as a tamasha dancer in this film was "superior to that of Baya in "Ram Joshi".