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tiger_panthera_tigris    0.909250

corbetti    0.888339

panthera_pardus    0.884629

trinilensis    0.869422

clouded_leopard_neofelis_nebulosa    0.865164

leopard_panthera_pardus    0.852572

leopard_neofelis    0.850655

dhole_cuon_alpinus    0.850096

indochinese_tiger    0.847353

indochinese_leopard    0.843861

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Panthera tigris sudanensis The Panthera tigris sudanensis is a claimed subspecies of tiger, not scientifically recognised, allegedly living in Africa. It was described in 1951 by Paul E. P. Deraniyagala, based on a fur he saw in a Cairo bazaar. When he asked the seller for information, Deraniyagala was told the animal was shot in the Sudan. As Mazák wrote in 1980, it was either a joke or the seller felt obliged to be polite and answer any question, whether with truth or an invention. Deraniyagala took a picture of the specimen's fur, which, when published, made the scientists say, according to the pattern of stripes, it was most likely a fur of the Caspian tiger ("Panthera tigris virgata") and the fur must have been smuggled from Iran or Turkey. At that time, the Caspian tiger was nearly extinct. If a photo were enough for a scientific description, "Panthera tigris sudanensis" would now be one of the Caspian tiger's synonyms; as Mazák wrote, "the situation is half-humorous, half-ironic." Tigers are not known to have ever inhabited Africa.
Nature's Great Events
Malayan tiger In 2004, "Panthera tigris jacksoni" was recognised as a new subspecies when a genetic analysis found that they are distinct in mtDNA and micro-satellite sequences from "Panthera tigris corbetti".
Sumatran tiger "Panthera tigris" is listed on CITES Appendix I. Hunting is prohibited in Indonesia.
Bengal tiger (disambiguation) The Bengal tiger ("Panthera tigris tigris") is a subspecies of the tiger family.
Malayan tiger When in 1968 "Panthera tigris corbetti" was newly designated, the tigers inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula were included into this subspecies.
Bengal tiger Bengal is traditionally fixed as the typical locality for the binomen "Panthera tigris", to which the British taxonomist Reginald Innes Pocock subordinated the Bengal tiger in 1929 under the trinomen "Panthera tigris tigris". The Bengal, Caspian and Siberian tigers, and lion rank among the biggest cats.
Altai Mountains Until the 20th century, the Caspian tiger ("Panthera tigris virgata") was found in the southern parts of the Altai mountains, where it reached Lake Zaisan and the Black Irtysh. Single individuals were also shot further north, for example close to Barnaul. Closely related to the Caspian tiger is the extant Amur tiger, which has the taxonomic name "Panthera tigris altaica".
Ngandong tiger The Ngandong tiger ("Panthera tigris soloensis") is an extinct subspecies of tiger which lived in what is now the Sundaland region of Indonesia in the Pleistocene epoch.
Jim Corbett In 1968, one of the five remaining subspecies of tigers was named after him: "Panthera tigris corbetti", the Indochinese tiger, also called Corbett's tiger.