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Pan Lingling Pan has acted in numerous television series produced by MediaCorp Channel 8 and its predecessors. She also played a supporting role as a psychologist in Jackie Chan's "Crime Story". After some twenty years in the entertainment industry, she won her first accolade at the Star Awards 2011, the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in "Breakout".
Pan Lingling Pan is married to former MediaCorp actor Huang Shinan. They have two sons, Beckham (born 1999) and Kynaston (born 2002).
Pan Lingling Pan was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in March 2013. She kept her illness from the media initially, revealing only that a cyst was removed from her breast. She approached the magazine "8 Days" in May that year for an interview on her illness, but withdrew. Her cancer story was revealed only nearly a year later in the 1,222th issue of "8 Days" in late March 2014. Pan is now cancer free.
Pan Lingling Phua Leng Leng (born 25 June 1970), better known as Pan Lingling, is a Singaporean actress best known for acting in television dramas produced by MediaCorp Channel 8.
Pan Lingling Pan entered the entertainment industry in 1988 after graduating from the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation's 8th Drama Artiste Training Course. Her classmates in the training course include award-winning actress Huang Biren, Madeline Chu and Sean Say. She made her TV debut with the series, "Mystery", "Golden Quest", "Ups and Downs". She also starred in "Strange Encounters II" in the same year.
Star Search (Singapore season 9) MediaCorp actress Pan Lingling making a guest appearance as Jerry's shrewd wife.
Romance de Amour The show stars Li Nanxing, Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Rayson Tan, Huang Shinan, Patricia Mok and Zhang Wei.
Romance de Amour "Romance de Amour" is set against a beauty centre operated by three good friends (Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay and Pan Lingling). Viewers will get to see how these three good friends get embroiled in various relationship problems and how each reacts to it.
Huang Biren Huang lists Chen Hanwei, Zoe Tay, Pan Lingling and ex-actress Magdeline Chu as her closest friends in the industry. She also revealed she feels most at ease while working with ex-actor Xie Shaoguang because they have very good chemistry on screen, though they seldom keep in contact in private.
Hero (2016 TV series) Hero (Chinese: 大英雄) is a Singaporean blockbuster drama produced and telecast on Mediacorp Channel 8, starring Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Jesseca Liu, Jin Yinji, Ian Fang, Pan Lingling, Zhu Houren, Paige Chua, Andie Chen, Chen Tianwen, Aileen Tan, Bonnie Loo, He Yingying, Sheila Sim, Youyi, Desmond Ng and Brandon Wong.