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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for palatium

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Pallas (son of Lycaon) Roman authors used Pallas' name to provide an etiology for the name of the hill Palatium.
Balat (Istanbul) The name "Balat" is probably derived from Greek "palation" (palace), from Latin "palatium", after the nearby Palace of Blachernae.
Split, Croatia For a significant period, the origin of the name was erroneously thought to be related to the Latin word for "palace" ("palatium"), a reference to Diocletian's Palace which still forms the core of the city. Various theories were developed, such as the notion that the name derives from ""S. Palatium"", an abbreviation of ""Salonae Palatium"". The erroneous "palace" etymologies were notably due to Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, and were later mentioned by Thomas the Archdeacon. The city, however, is several centuries older than the palace.
Yaghi-Siyan The crusaders recorded Yaghi-Siyan's name in various forms in Latin, including Acxianus, Gratianus, and Cassianus; the residence claimed by Raymond was known as the "palatium Cassiani".
Unstrut One of his favourite places was Memleben on the Unstrut, where a royal residence, a so-called "Pfalz", "palatium" or "villa regia", was built. He died there in 936, as did his son, Otto I, in 973. A monastery was built there in the next years, becoming one of the most important in the German realm for a short time. Its ruins may still be seen; the exact location of the "palatium" is not known any more.
Waldalenus One of his seats of government ("palatium") as "Patricius" of Burgundy was at Arlay on the "Salt Road", noted in 597. There his son, Donatus of Luxeuil, would found the Abbey of Saint-Vincent, destroyed by Otto II of Burgundy.
Poznań Royal-Imperial Route "Royal" comes from the fact that Mieszko I's palatium served as a residence for the first kings of Poland, whose tombs are located in Poznań Cathedral's crypt. The cathedral is the place of burial of the following rulers:
Palate The Latin word "palatum" and its derivatives mentioned above are all unrelated to a similar-sounding Latin word meaning palace, "palatium", from which other senses of "palatine" and the English word "palace" itself derive.
Palazzo Re Enzo The palace was built between 1244-1246 as an extension of the nearby Palazzo del Podestà, which had proven insufficient for the exigences of the Commune of Bologna. It was therefore initially known as "Palatium Novum" ("New Palace").
Count palatine This Latin title is the original, but also pre-feudal: it originated as a Roman Comes, which was a non-hereditary court title of high rank, the specific part "palatinus" being the adjective derived from "palatium" ('palace').