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Sri Charitropakhyan The different theories on the authorship of the "Pakhyan Charitar":
Sri Charitropakhyan Sri Charitropakhyan or Pakhyan Charitar () is a huge composition, with the purpose of learning from others' mistakes to acquire more refined judgement in all fields, present in Dasam Granth, which is generally and traditionally ascribed to Guru Gobind Singh. The composition contains 404 tales of wiles of men and women, containing many historical, mythological and philosophical aspects, having 7558 verses. This composition ends at Chopai which is one of the Nitnem . The term Charitropakhyan is derived from two words, Charitar means characteristics/function of character and Pakhyan means already told. There are two types of Charitars, Purakh Charitar (male characters) and Tria Chariter (female characters).
Newari literature In the later part of the Classical Period, Rajendra Bikram among the Shah kings is famed for writing "Mahasatwa Pakhyan" (1831), a play based on a Buddhist story. Pundit Sundarananda (circa 1793–1833) is known for his epics while Amritananda, besides composing poetry, wrote a grammar of Newari (1831).
Sikhism The Dasam Granth is a scripture of Sikhs which contains texts attributed to the Guru Gobind Singh. The "Dasam Granth" is important to a great number of Sikhs, however it does not have the same authority as the "Guru Granth Sahib". Some compositions of the "Dasam Granth" like Jaap Sahib, (Amrit Savaiye), and Benti Chaupai are part of the daily prayers (Nitnem) for Sikhs. The "Dasam Granth" is largely versions of Hindu mythology from the Puranas, secular stories from a variety of sources called "Charitro Pakhyan" – tales to protect careless men from perils of lust.