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Paige Chua Chua continued to take on significant roles where in 2009, she plays a tomboy Zhang Xiao Wei in The Dream Catchers and an aspiring director Li Lifen in the long TV series Your Hand in Mine.
Paige Chua 2010 was a breakthrough year for Chua. She earned her first nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” in Star Awards 2010 for her character in The Dream Catchers.
Paige Chua Chua had her first taste in a comedy role in the sitcom, The Recruit Diaries where she plays LT Angie Chen, an army officer which trains a new group of recruits. She also had a role in Okto as an inexperienced elementary school teacher in The School Bell Rings.
Paige Chua 2016 has been a rewarding year for Chua. She participated in Beyond Words (TV series) a Malaysia production, and was one of the leading actresses for If Only I Could (TV series), The Gentlemen and Soul Reaper. Chua was also cast in the year-end blockbuster drama Hero (2016 TV series) where she plays a damsel in distress, a character unlike her previous drama roles. This character was seen as a breakthrough role and earned her numerous praises and a nomination for "Best Supporting Actress" in the upcoming Star Awards 2017.
Paige Chua Chua made her acting debut in Just in Singapore, where she was cast as the half-sister of Fiona Xie. In the later part of 2008, she had 2 more roles in major dramas, such as La Femme and Crime Busters x 2.
Paige Chua She made a guest appearance in Unriddle as Zhang Mei Lin, a girl with a dubious identity. The Score marks Chua first entrance as a lead actress where she plays Zhou Tian Lan an office lady with a mysterious background. She also acted in a drama series Secret Garden which its plot revolves around the psychological problems faced in the society these days where she plays an enthusiastic, idealistic social worker.
Paige Chua 2013 was a busy year for Chua as she starred in numerous dramas such as It's A Wonderful Life, 96°C Café, The Enchanted and Sudden.
Paige Chua Chua also hosted season 4 of RenovAID. A programme about helping the less fortunate among us; to revitalize their homes and in turn, their lives.
Paige Chua As 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of National service in Singapore (NS), Chua will be playing a Navy Captain in When Duty Calls, a NS50 drama which Mediacorp Channel 8 collaborates with Ministry of Defence (Singapore) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore) to commemorate this milestone.
Paige Chua Chua studied at Mayflower Secondary School and graduated from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts. An active netball player in school, Chua represented Singapore in netball and was part of the National Youth Netball team (1997 – 1999). She was discovered at a basic modelling class, thus starting her four-year career as a model.