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dugnano    0.935520

olgiate    0.897659

molgora    0.896060

lodigiano    0.892038

sannita    0.882250

olginate    0.881500

vezzano    0.879532

laghetto    0.879002

castelletto    0.877517

casaletto    0.876218

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Paderno Dugnano Other names for the "comune" were proposed (including Padergnano and Borgosole) through the 1880s.
Paderno Franciacorta Paderno Franciacorta is a town and "comune" in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy.
Paderno Dugnano Following the unification of Italy, in 1861, a reorganization of the internal subdivisions of the country ensued. By decree of 17 March 1869, the "comuni" of Paderno, Dugnano, Incirano, Cassina Amata and Palazzolo Milanese were fused into a new "comune" called Paderno Milanese.
Paderno Dugnano Paderno received the honorary title of city with a presidential decree on 25 September 1989.
Paderno Dugnano By decree of 1 February 1886, the "comune's" name was formally changed to the current name of Paderno Dugnano.
Paderno Ponchielli Before 1862 and the unification of Italy, the town was known just as Paderno. After unification, the new government called on various municipalities with the same name to adjust and differentiate them. “Fasolaro” got added to the name Paderno. But this did not meet with universal public approval as the word alluded to the production of common cowpeas (black-eyed peas) widespread in the area, which might be a source of mockery in neighboring communities.
Paderno Dugnano Paderno Dugnano is a town and "comune" in the Metropolitan City of Milan, in Lombardy, northern Italy. It is bounded by other "comuni" of Senago, Varedo, Cusano Milanino, Cormano, Nova Milanese, Bollate, Novate Milanese, Cinisello Balsamo.
Paderno d'Adda Paderno d'Adda is a town and "comune" in the province of Lecco, in Lombardy. It is well known in the rest of Italy due to its famous bridge, built in the late eighteenth century following the Tour Eiffel style. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci used the Paderno's scenery as base for his famous painting Virgin of the Rocks.
Paderno Ponchielli Paderno Ponchielli is a "comune" in the province of Cremona, in Lombardy, Italy.
Paderno Ponchielli In 1878, Umberto I, King of Italy, changed the name from Paderno Fasolaro to Paderno Cremonese. In 1928, when Paderno merged with the neighboring Ossolaro, the area took the name Paderno Ossolaro. Then, in 1934, with the celebration of 100th birthday of their native son, the composer Amilcare Ponchielli, the citizens petitioned to change the name to Paderno Ponchielli to honor him. On November 25, 1950, by a decree of the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, the municipality came to be officially called Paderno Ponchielli.