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helkijn    0.850212

ophasselt    0.847382

ezemaal    0.844289

merendree    0.840865

herent    0.836990

indijk    0.836155

anzegem    0.835943

kolmont    0.835368

broekland    0.834403

dottenijs    0.833026

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Overboelare Airfield Overboelare Airfield () is a private use airport located near Geraardsbergen, East Flanders, Belgium.
Herman Vanden Berghe Herman Vanden Berghe (born Overboelare, 12 June 1933, died Oud-Heverlee, 23 January 2017) was a Belgian pioneer in human genetics. He founded the Centrum voor Menselijke Erfelijkheid (Center for Human Genetics) at the medical faculty of the Catholic University of Leuven in Leuven (Louvain), Belgium. He was a great cytogeneticist. Among other findings, he discovered the deletion 5q syndrome in myelodysplasia. A Fleming, Professor Vanden Berghe was granted the title of "Baron" by Baudouin I, King of Belgium and from 2000 to 2003 served as chairman of the King Baudouin Foundation. He was a founding member of the International Forum for Biophilosophy established in Belgium by Royal Decree in 1988. The Forum is responsible for the Golden Eurydice Award.