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OverBlood The game features three playable characters. The majority of the game is played as Raz Karcy, the games protagonist. Others include Milly Azray, a woman who befriends Raz, and Pipo, a small and very helpful robot.
OverBlood It has also been lampooned in the Scottish internet show "Consolevania", including episode six of its second series which aired fake footage from Microsoft's E3 press conference, apparently confirming the existence of "Overblood 3".
OverBlood "Overblood" takes place at Lystra Laboratories' hidden research center where a team of scientists have been conducting controversial genetic experiments. The game begins when a system malfunction releases the player character, Raz Karcy (Lars in European releases), from a cryogenic container. Cold and confused, he awakens with no memory. Concerns about his identity are soon replaced by an urgent need to escape, as he reveals the scientists' fateful plan and his role in it.
OverBlood In 1998, a direct sequel was released entitled "Overblood 2". The sequel is set in the year 2115 in the city of East Edge. Players control Acano Brandi, who has arrived in the city to compete in "Junk Blading". He helps an old man who was attacked at a heliport and goes on to play a major role in the planet's future. This installment of the series was never released in America, and is only available in NTSC-J and PAL territories.
OverBlood Part adventure game and part survival horror, "Overblood" incorporates elements of arcade, fighting and puzzle games. The player is able to toggle the camera between first- and third-person, both of which are required to solve the game's various puzzles.
OverBlood The game was reviewed by GameFan Magazine where their game's previously rumored similarities to "Resident Evil" were dismissed and strong comparisons drawn instead to "Doctor Hauzer" for which "Overblood" (created by the same development team) serves as a spiritual successor. The game was criticized for the appearance of the characters, their unrealistic movements, and the overall plot, and the game received low marks for play mechanics and controls, ultimately scoring a 220 out of 300. IGN gave the game a score of 6.0, stating, "In the end, OverBlood doesn't live up to high standards set by its predecessors. You're better off waiting for Resident Evil 2."
OverBlood In 2010, "Overblood" was featured in a six-part episode of "Super Replay", a recurring series on "Game Informer"s website in which some of the magazine's editors provide commentary about the featured game while playing through its entirety. They satirized the controls, animation, writing, and voice work while playing.
OverBlood OverBlood is a science fiction video game developed by Riverhillsoft and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation. It is considered one of the first survival horror games to make use of a fully three-dimensional virtual environment, second only to Riverhillsoft's own "Doctor Hauzer", a fully 3D survival horror game released for the 3DO in 1994.
OverBlood The game was later made available on the Japanese PlayStation Network Store.
OverBlood 2 The year is 2115. Christmas is just around the corner. The world is a boiling inferno that would be uninhabitable if it weren't for the Key Point Air Cooling System or KPACS that maintains the temperature. The Hayano Corporation controls interests across the country, from organized crime, to the construction industry. The game begins with an old man named Dr. Veltor Curtis on a flight to East Edge City being watched by ITP agent Chris Lanebecca. The player hears Lanebecca's inner monologue about her loathing for the petty problems of citizens and a general disdain for Christmas. Afterwards the game shifts to the protagonist Acarno Brani, an ambitious twenty-four year old Junk Blade pilot, arriving at East Edge City Airport after relocating from Greyland. Acarno and Curtis have a brief chat in the airport terminal before Curtis leaves for the door, as Curtis is leaving Acarno has a premonition of Curtis being attacked. Curtis is then ambushed by a powerful, mutating villain called Kondo. After throwing a mysterious capsule across the floor in Acarno's direction, Curtis is taken by Kondo. This is the first point at which the player encounters combat, armed only with a sword, and must swiftly exit the airport after avoiding people trying to shoot at him. Acarno jumps out of the airport window, falling hundreds of feet into the sea.