Top 10 similar words or synonyms for overawed

awed    0.758876

affronted    0.732006

slighted    0.722898

daunted    0.709656

envied    0.709248

placated    0.704495

humbled    0.702282

heartened    0.684066

menaced    0.680943

assailed    0.677932

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for overawed

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Article Example
Treaty of Turin Such were some of the indications of public sentiment at the time when the French garrisons were taking their places. It was evident that the people were not to be easily overawed.
Faith47 "Equally at home in grimy alleys as she is in a studio, she creates murals that are both breathtaking and poignant. I challenge anyone to look at her work and not feel a little overawed by her talent.” "Carte Blanche"
Brian (mythology) In at least one version of this tale, Brian is the clever and subtle one, while his brothers Iuchar and Iucharba are bumbling and easily overawed by Brian. This tale of the Sons of Tuireann has sometimes been likened to an Irish "Argonautica".
Berni Inn In the novel "Clever Girl", by Tessa Hadley, the narrator writes that when she was a child in the early 1960s, her mother took her to a Berni Inn for dinner to celebrate the mother's birthday; however, this "was a waste" as "overawed and stubborn, I wouldn't eat a thing."
Sinop, Turkey After 1265, Sinop became home to two successive independent emirates following the fall of the Seljuks: the Pervâne and the Jandarids. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II overawed Ismail, the emir of Sinope on his march on Trebizond, and forced him to surrender the city to the Sultan late June 1461 without a fight. The emir was exiled to Philippopolis (modern Plovdiv) in northern Thrace.
The Farthest Shore Like both previous books in the trilogy, this is a bildungsroman. The story is told mostly from the point of view of Arren, who develops from the boy who stands overawed in front of the masters of Roke, to the man who addresses dragons with confidence on Selidor, and who would eventually become the first King in centuries and unify the world of Earthsea.
The Rescue (Conrad novel) Lingard nevertheless goes ahead, and takes Mrs Travers from the yacht onto the brig. He is overawed by her attractiveness and the knowledge that she understands him. He appears to be falling in love with her, but is not aware of it himself. She asks him to rescue d’Alcacer and her husband.
Vox Animae ‘I can think of no better introduction to this earliest of music dramas than the performance filmed here... one is left overawed by the experience. But this is not just a performance of the Ordo Virtutum. Together, the two DVDs contain over four hours of material designed to create a well-rounded portrait of Hildegard. ... Certainly worth buying...’
Lady Catherine de Bourgh Rosings is the home of Catherine de Bourgh. It is noted many times within the novel as being a luxurious house with many fine fittings. One such feature is a fireplace with glazing worth over five hundred pounds. The elegance and correctness of Rosings underline the side of Mr. Darcy's background that impresses Elizabeth, although she refuses to be overawed by it.
Battle of Thuận An The French capture of the Thuan An forts, which exposed Huế to immediate attack, overawed the Vietnamese court. An armistice was quickly agreed with the French. Harmand threatened the Vietnamese with annihilation unless they immediately accepted a French protectorate over both Annam and Tonkin. On 25 August 1883, cowed by the French appeal to force, the Vietnamese signed the Treaty of Huế.