Top 10 similar words or synonyms for outshone

envied    0.766222

upstaged    0.747282

awed    0.691444

loathed    0.683469

outclassed    0.675157

enthralled    0.664934

bested    0.659764

wooed    0.658530

overawed    0.655061

disparaged    0.653063

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for outshone

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Article Example
Eran Prithu and Râghava and other kings [were outshone.]
Samudragupta Prithu and Râghava and other kings [were outshone.]
Thomas Corneille Thomas Corneille has often been regarded as one who, but for his surname, would merit no notice. Others feel he was unlucky in having a brother (Pierre Corneille) who outshone him, as he would have outshone almost anyone else.
William Woolfolk He claimed that his comic books work outshone his other literary production.
Battle of Berestechko And Khotyn are far outshone by it, because as many heads here
Samyuktha Hegde The "Indian Express" States that "Samyukta Hegde has outshone in the film along with the main character".
Liam Kearns Kearns is highly regarded as a manager and coach and during his spell with Limerick he turned them into the second team in Munster as they outshone Cork.
Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus (consul 146 BC) Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus was a consul of the Roman Republic in 146 BC. His colleague was Lucius Mummius Achaicus, whose military achievements outshone him.
Historiography of the Crusades In Spain, the popular reputation of the Crusades is outshone by the particularly Spanish history of the "Reconquista". El Cid is the central figure.
Ruben I, Prince of Armenia At that time, Roupen were outshone by the Armenian Vahram, called Philaretus by the Greeks. Philaretus’ dominion stretched from Tarsus to the lands beyond the river Euphrates; and Roupen became his vassal. They jointly expanded northward and eastward.