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Uma Outra Estação "Uma Outra Estação" was recorded at the "carioca" studio AR Records between January and June 1996, and had its production completed c. 1997. Its songs are mostly outtakes that were scheduled to appear on the previous album "A Tempestade, ou O Livro dos Dias", originally planned to be a double-disc album. However, EMI-Odeon denied the proposal, and the albums were split on two.
Uma Outra Estação Uma Outra Estação (Portuguese for Yet Another Season) is the eighth and last studio album by Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. Released in July 1997, one year after Renato Russo's death, it sold more than 250,000 copies and received a Platinum Certification by ABPD.
Uma Outra Estação Only three tracks of the album were not composed by Legião Urbana: "Schubert Ländler" (a cover of a Franz Schubert piece), "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)" (an instrumental cover of Ned Washington's and Dimitri Tiomkin's "The Ballad of High Noon") and "Travessia do Eixão". "Travessia do Eixão" counted with the participation of Os Paralamas do Sucesso bassist Bi Ribeiro.
Uma Outra Estação Some of the album's songs were written by Renato Russo during his "Trovador Solitário" ("Lonely Troubadour") phase, such as "Dado Viciado" and "Mariane", written in honor of an ex-girlfriend of his.
Uma Outra Estação Contrasting with the melancholy and depression of "A Tempestade, ou O Livro dos Dias", "Uma Outra Estação" has happier and more upbeat songs. The first track of the album, "Riding Song", is comprised mainly by excerpts of interviews of Legião Urbana's members, having only two verses, written by Dado Villa-Lobos: "Eu já sei o que vou ser/Ser quando crescer" ("I already know what I want to be/Want to be when I grow up"). Former Legião Urbana member Renato Rocha did a special appearance in this track by playing the electric bass.
Uma Outra Estação "As Flores do Mal" shares its title with Charles Baudelaire's homonymous poetry book, and was the main single of the album. "La Maison Dieu" speaks about the atrocities committed during the military dictatorship period of Brazil. It was written in 1993 and it was originally scheduled to appear on "O Descobrimento do Brasil", but Renato Russo decided not to release it back then, since Brazil still held resentment by the dictatorship years.
O Adeus de Fellini The track "Outro Endereço, Outra Vida" features samples of English disc jockey John Peel's voice.
Cristal (album) Cristal is an album by Brazilian interpreter Simone released in 1985, containing the hits "A Outra" and "Princesa".
Ilha dos Amores The first episode of Ilha dos Amores, was the third-most viewed fiction series on TVI, with "Filha do Mar" being second, and "A Outra" the most viewed.
Monica Sintra In 1998, released the album "Afinal Havia Outra", which reached platinum, as would reach their later work, "Na Minha Cama Com Ela".