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Our Seas Our Future OSOF continued to expand their social media support base during 2012, and the scope of published content shifted focus to include educational and advocacy related information and conservation efforts relevant to New Zealand and the Pacific regions. During this period, more emphasis was placed on content creation, with the OSOF campaigns building a resource base of marine educational material that could be easily accessed and shared via social media. By the end of 2012, OSOF's social media presence on Facebook was separated and structured into stand-alone campaigns that focused on specific areas of interest. OSOF's social media campaigning is primarily focused on Facebook, however OSOF is also represented on Twitter and YouTube.
Our Seas Our Future In June 2012, OSOF organised their first coastal clean-up event in Dunedin, New Zealand. This event celebrated World Oceans Day, and was the unofficial launch of OSOF's community engagement initiatives outside of social media, an attempt to promote environmental conservation and education directly to the community. Coastal clean-up events have been organised on a regular basis annually since June 2012, and advertised through their social media channels. Major clean-up events were organised to coincide with key national and international events such as NZAEE Seaweek, World Oceans Day, Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week, and Conservation Week. Smaller scale clean-up events were organised at various times during the year, as needed and where volunteer interest and resources have been available. In October 2013, the Adopt-a-Coast project was developed and directed at school groups to get involved in coastal clean-up events and marine environmental education.
Our Seas Our Future From mid 2013, OSOF added policy submissions to their project structure and was involved in writing submissions for coastal and marine related policy consultations at the central and local government level.
Our Seas Our Future 'Plastic Free New Zealand' is a social media campaign highlighting the effect of plastics and other anthropogenic materials on our environment, while advocating for more for environmentally friendly solutions.
Our World, Our Way The album's first single is "Talkin' Out da Side of Ya Neck!." Other tracks on the album "Mr. Feel Good" (featuring Mannie Fresh) and "Turn Heads" (featuring Lloyd). Bangladesh, the producer of "Bossy" by Kelis, produced "Talkin' Out da Side of Ya Neck," released as a single in January.
Our World, Our Way Others involved in the project include members of the group Pretty Ricky and producer Maestro.
Our Seas Our Future To date, OSOF has relied entirely on volunteer time and resources to support their ongoing projects.
Our Seas Our Future OSOF was awarded the 2012 top environmental prize for an environmental project by a community group in Dunedin, New Zealand, as a result of their regular clean-up events. The 'Pod' environmental award is awarded annually by the Keep Dunedin Beautiful Committee.
Our Seas Our Future The OSOF project structure is divided into three broad categories that cover digital media campaigning, collaborative projects, and OSOF core projects:
Our Seas Our Future OSOF was an alliance member of the New Zealand Shark Alliance, working towards banning shark finning in New Zealand waters. The NZSA successfully helped change the laws in 2014 to enable better protection of sharks in New Zealand.