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Ouffet Ouffet is a municipality of Belgium. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege. On January 1, 2006, Ouffet had a total population of 2,529. The total area is 40.22 km which gives a population density of 63 inhabitants per km.
Ouffet The municipality consists of the following sub-municipalities: Ouffet proper, Ellemelle, and Warzée.
List of protected heritage sites in Ouffet This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Ouffet. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.
Octave Gengou Octave Gengou (27 February 1875, Ouffet – 25 April 1957, Brussels) was a Belgian bacteriologist. He researched with Jules Bordet the "Bordetella pertussis" bacteria.
2015 La Flèche Wallonne The route of the 2015 La Flèche Wallonne began in Waremme in the province of Liège on the Rue de Huy with a neutralised zone. The first part of the route went south-east through Faimes and Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse before reaching the day's first climb, the Côte des 36 Tournants, after . After the climb, the riders continued south-east to Anthisnes; here the route turned south. It passed through Ouffet, then reached Durbuy after . The route then turned west to pass through Havelange before reaching Ohey after . The roads between the Côte des 36 Tournants and Ohey were not entirely flat, but there were no categorised climbs.