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otorhinolaryngical    0.718048

ophthalmoplegic    0.672558

sympathicolytic    0.669717

otolaryngological    0.645997

multino    0.638716

bronac    0.636423

wbetimolbetoptic    0.631452

periophthalmic    0.627450

lacrilube    0.626532

genustoxocariasis    0.618795

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Article Example
Oral allergy syndrome The patient typically already has a history of atopy and an atopic family history. Eczema, otolaryngeal symptoms of hay fever or asthma will often dominate leading to the food allergy being unsuspected. Often well-cooked, canned, pasteurized, or frozen food offenders cause little to no reaction due to denaturation of the cross-reacting proteins, causing delay and confusion in diagnosis as the symptoms are elicited only to the raw or fully ripened fresh foods. Correct diagnosis of the allergen types involved is critical. OAS sufferers may be allergic to more than just pollen. Oral reactions to food are often mistakenly self-diagnosed by patients as caused by pesticides or other contaminants. Other reactions to food—such as lactose intolerance and intolerances which result from a patient being unable to metabolize naturally occurring chemicals (e.g., salicylates and proteins) in food—need to be distinguished from the systemic symptoms of OAS.