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Ossiach Ossiach is a municipality in the Feldkirchen District in the Austrian state of Carinthia. The small settlement is mainly known for Ossiach Abbey.
Ossiach It is located at the southern shore of Lake Ossiach, on the slope of the small "Ossiacher Tauern" range within the Nock Mountains, a range of the Gurktal Alps, at the road between Villach and Feldkirchen. The commune consists of the Katastralgemeinden "Alt-Ossiach", "Ossiach", "Ostriach", "Rappitsch", "Tauern" and "Untertauern".
Ossiach A chapel of ease stands in the village of "Tauern". First mentioned in 1290, the "Tauernkirche" was rebuilt in 1519 in a Late Gothic style and received a Baroque equipment including a high altar in the 17th century.
Ossiach Seats in the municipal assembly ("Gemeinderat") as of 2003 elections:
Ossiach Today the church is also renowned for the "Carinthischer Sommer" classical music festival, held around July and August each year. The pianist Wilhelm Backhaus held his last concert here on June 29, 1969. Since 1974, the abbey has held church opera productions, particularly the parables of Benjamin Britten, as well as other theatrical productions. Some Austrians have written works specifically for the festival, including Cesar Bresgen ("Das Spiel vom Menschen", 1982) and Dieter Kaufmann ("Bruder Boleslaw", 1989).
Ossiach Ossiach Abbey was founded about 1000. The monastery church was mentioned in a 1028 deed, hence the first of the Benedictine Order in the Duchy of Carinthia. The abbey developed to an ecclesiastical and cultural centre of the region, though no larger homestead arose outside its walls. After the dissolution of the monastery by the order of Emperor Joseph II in 1783, the rural area from 1850 was part of neighbouring Steindorf. The Ossiach municipality was not established until 1904.
Lake Ossiach Lake Ossiach is a dimictic lake with mixing periods in spring and in late autumn. In summer the waters reach 28 °C. Several uninhabited parts of the shore are protected as natural reserves.
Lake Ossiach There are five main villages surrounding the lake, all of them mainly dependent on summer tourism: Annenheim and Sattendorf, parts of the Treffen municipality, Bodensdorf and Steindorf, all located on the northern shore, and Ossiach with Ossiach Abbey, after which the lake is named.
Ossiach Abbey A church probably already existed at Ossiach, when Count Ozi about 1024 established the Benedictine abbey, the first in the medieval Duchy of Carinthia. The first monks probably descended from Niederaltaich Abbey in Bavaria. Ozi's son Poppo succeeded in removing the proprietary monastery from the influence of the Salzburg archbishops and to affiliate it with the Patriarchate of Aquileia, confirmed by Emperor Conrad II in 1028. Upon the extinction of the Styrian Otakars in 1192, the "Vogtei" of Ossiach according to the Georgenberg Pact passed to the Austrian House of Babenberg. In 1282 it finally fell to the Habsburgs.
Ossiach Tauern Colloquially the Ossiach Tauern are also called "Die kleinen Tauern" ("the little Tauern"). On a rise above the hamlet of Tauern stands the little Tauern church. In the northeast, across the Bleistatt stream are the ruins of Prägrad Castle.