Top 10 similar words or synonyms for opthalmic

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crolom    0.714994

bronuck    0.692849

bronac    0.688714

wbetimolbetoptic    0.684002

eyedrops    0.682865

bepreve    0.681959

ophtalmic    0.680694

otorhinolaryngical    0.680255

xalatan    0.676242

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for opthalmic

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Irvin Borish He lectured at the Vision Expo in New York and in California, at the AAO's Ellerbrock Courses, and at all state and regional association meetings and at schools. He was invited yearly to speak to the freshman class at the University of Houston from 1980-2010 and wanted new students of optometry to be aware of, and appreciate, the history of the field. He created and delivered a lecture that addressed this concern and also provided his perspectives on the responsibilities of practitioners and the public image of optometry. This entire lecture, which remained very similar each year, was downloaded on youtube.He also contributed material to the CD "From Eye Examination to Opthalmic Lenses", a Chinese book on refraction, later editions of "Clinical Refraction", "System of Opthalmic Dispensing", David Miller's "Textbook of Opthalmology", and several published articles. He received 3 of his 9 honorary degrees and 11 of his more than 60 awards after retirement. He continued to attend the AAO and AOA meetings and Essilor Symposiums.