Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ophthalmoplegic

opthalmoplegic    0.764124

keratoconus    0.693010

keratopathy    0.685754

retinopathic    0.685478

sympathicolytic    0.680083

esotropia    0.673960

otolaryngeal    0.672558

strabismus    0.667967

hydrophthalmos    0.667316

chorioretinitis    0.665310

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ophthalmoplegic

Article Example
Henri Parinaud After the war, Parinaud returned to Paris to continue his studies. His thesis for medical school was on optic neuritis in acute meningitis in children, which earned him respect and recognition in the field. His other fields of work included multiple sclerosis, ophthalmoplegic migraine, hysteria, supranuclear lesions, and concomitant squint; all in the realm of neurology. Parinaud also worked in the physiology of vision, where he worked on role of the visual receptors, the light sense, night-blindness, and color vision.
Constantin von Economo This encephalitis with acute inflammation of the gray matter occurred in epidemic form worldwide from 1915 until about 1924, mainly in Europe and North-America, causing lesions in the substantia nigra. Von Economo described in detail the symptoms, pathology and histology of the disease which was soon called Von Economo’s Disease. Three types of this illness could be distinguished. The symptoms of the somnolent-ophthalmoplegic form were somnolence, often leading to coma and death, paralysis of cranial nerves, extremities and eye muscles and expressionless faces. The hyperkinetic form manifested itself with restlessness, motor disturbances as twitching of muscle groups, involuntary movements, anxious mental state and insomnia or inversion of sleep patterns. The amyostatic-akinetic form often lead to a chronic state similar to Parkinson's disease, called postencephalitic parkinsonism. The symptoms were weakness of muscles, rigidity of movements and insomnia or sleep inversion.