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Article Example
Operationalization The above discussion links operationalization to measurement of concepts. Many scholars have worked to operationalize concepts like job satisfaction, prejudice, anger etc. Scale and index construction are forms of operationalization. There is not one perfect way to operationalize. For example, in the United States the concept distance driven would be operationalized as miles, whereas kilometers would be used in Europe.
Quasi-set theory Quasi-set theory is a way to operationalize Heinz Post's (1963) claim that quanta should be deemed indistinguishable "right from the start."
Kantara Initiative Kantara Initiative, Inc. provides an established, safe, and collaborative environment to develop and operationalize the real-world innovation necessary to support identity management and data privacy.
Corporate foresight To operationalize the need for "peripheral vision", a concept closely linked to corporate foresight George S. Day and Paul J. H. Schoemaker developed a questionnaire with 24 questions.
Optimism Researchers operationalize the term differently depending on their research. As with any trait characteristic, there are several ways to evaluate optimism, such as the Life Orientation Test (LOT).
Flourishing To complete, or "operationalize", the definition of what it means to be functioning optimally, or flourishing, diagnostic criteria have been developed for a flourishing life:
Corporate foresight To operationalize his model Rohrbeck used 20 elements which have four maturity levels each. These maturity levels are defined and described qualitatively, i.e. by short descriptions that are either true or not true for a given organization.
Imagined interaction In the early research, IIs were suggested as a means to operationalize the study of daydreaming as it works to shape communication interpersonally, emotions, and personality. They have been examined cross-culturally (McCann, Honeycutt, & Keaton, 2010).
Psychology of religion Today, efforts are ongoing to "operationalize" these terms, with little regard for their history in their Western context, and with the apparent realist assumption that underlying them are fixed qualities identifiable by means of empirical procedures.
Transportation in Kannur district The Airport's foundation stone was laid by V. S. Achuthanandan, chief minister of Kerala, on 17 December 2010. On February 29 2016, trial landing was conducted. The airport is proposed to operationalize by 2017.