Top 10 similar words or synonyms for oehreous

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for oehreous

Article Example
Anapatris The wingspan is 17-20 mm. The forewings are pale greyish-oehreous, thinly speckled dark grey. The plical and second distal stigmata are blackish and there is a marginal series of black dots around the apical part of the costa and termen. The hindwings are whitish-grey, greyer towards the apex, especially in males.
Ephysteris silignitis The wingspan is 10–11 mm. The forewings are whitish-oehreous, with more or less indicated lines of blackish-grey irroration between the veins. The stigmata are dark fuscous, the plical rather obliquely beyond the first discal and the second discal rather below the middle. The hindwings are pale grey.
Epiphthora anisaula The wingspan is 10-11 mm. The forewings are whitish-oehreous, more or less indicated with lines of blackish-grey irroration between the veins. The stigmata are dark fuscous, the plical rather obliquely beyond the first discal, the second discal rather below the middle. The hindwings are pale grey.
Spilosoma roseata Head and thorax pale oehreous; palpi, sides of frons, and antennae black; pectus black; legs black, oehreous at base, the fore coxae and the femora above crimson; abdomen crimson, the base, anal tuft, and ventral surface pale ochreous, dorsal, lateral, and sublateral series of black spots. Forewing pale oehreous; antemedial black points above and below vein 1; a black point in upper angle of cell; a small postmedial black spot below costa, point above vein 2, spot above vein 1, and large spot below it; an oblique series of minute black streaks from apex to vein and subterminal points above and below veins 5 to 3. Hindwing pale ochreous, the inner area tinged with crimson to beyond middle; a black discoidal spot; small subterminal spots below costa and above and below vein 5, and a curved series of larger spots from vein 3 to vein 1. Underside of forewing with the basal half tinged with crimson, an oblique maculate postmedial black band from discal to submedian folds.
Thiotricha nephodesma The wingspan is about 9 mm. The forewings are pale brownish-oehreous with a very broad irregular-edged suffused somewhat oblique transverse dark fuscous band before the middle and a very fine fuscous median longitudinal line from this to near the apex. The apical third of the wing is suffused whitish and the costal and terminal edges are shortly fuscous about three-fourths. The hindwings are grey.
Acrapex roseotincta Head and thorax ochreous tinged with brown; abdomen ochreous white. Fore wing pale oehreous yellow faintly tinged with rufous and the veins slightly streaked with rufous; a slight blackish streak below basal half of cell ; some black scales at lower angle of cell; an oblique postmedial series of black points on veins 6 to 1; an oblique diffused rufous fascia from termen below apex to vein 3; a slight brown terminal line; cilia yellowish white with a faint brownish line through them. Hind wing white faintly tinged with ochreous; the underside white with the costal area tinged with ochreous.
Spilosoma semperi Head and thorax pale fulvous yellow; palpi crimson, black at tips; sides of frons and antennae black; pectus in front blackish, some blackish and crimson below shoulders; fore coxae crimson; (legs wanting); abdomen crimson, the ventral surface pale ochreous, lateral series of slight blackish points. Forewing pale oehreous yellow; small postmedial black spots above and below vein 1. Hindwing yellowish white, the inner area rather yellower; a small black discoidal spot. Underside of forewing with black discoidal lunule and oblique blackish postmedial striae from vein 5 to below vein 3; hindwing with the costal area yellower.
Chlamydastis steloglypta The wingspan is 23-25 mm. The forewings are whitish, somewhat mixed light brownish-oehreous and with the markings ochreous-brown. There is an irregular interrupted almost basal transverse streak and an irregular fascia at one-fifth, broadest in the middle, attenuated or broken towards the costa, followed by a rather curved series of small partially confluent spots, as well as a broad transverse median fascia, narrowed on the costa, the second discal stigma forming a conspicuous black transverse spot on its posterior margin, with two or three black dots directed obliquely inwards from each extremity. A slightly curved fascia is found from three-fourths of the costa to the tornus, somewhat narrowed on the tornus and there is a prmterminal series of small partially confluent more infuscated spots, alternating with a terminal series of brown dots. The hindwings are dark grey.
Antaeotricha corvigera The wingspan is about 19 mm. The forewings are white with an irregular dark fuscous streak from the base of the costa to the disc at one-fourth, its apex forming an angulated hook above and a sharp projection beneath. There is a small dark fuscous mark on the costa before one-fourth and an oblique curved dark fuscous mark on the end of the cell, as well as a more or less interrupted fuscous and dark fuscous line from the middle of the costa to three-fourths of the dorsum excurved behind this. A small dark fuscous spot is found on the costa near the apex and sometimes there are two series of faint pale greyish spots towards the termen. A series of dark fuscous marks is found around the posterior half of the costa, termen and tornus. The hindwings are ochreous-whitish with the costal margin expanded from the base to three-fifths, with long rough projecting hairscales, whitish above and dark grey beneath, and also with a projection of scales at four-fifths, so as to appear excavated between these, and with a long subcostal pencil of pale oehreous-yellowish hairs lying beneath the forewings. The apical margin is marked interruptedly with dark fuscous.