Top 10 similar words or synonyms for odometrically

odometers    0.451239

tachometers    0.434992

automatous    0.424928

egomotion    0.416350

odometry    0.413975

traversers    0.412834

accesshspahigh    0.404895

drivemotor    0.404651

androtational    0.403366

speedthe    0.400279

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for odometrically

Article Example
SIGCUM The rotors advanced odometrically; that is, after each encipherment, the "fast" rotor would advance one step. Once every 26 revolutions of the fast rotor, the "medium" rotor would step once. Similarly, ever 26 revolutions of the medium rotor, the "slow" rotor would step, and so on for the other two rotors. However, which rotor was assigned as the "fast", "medium", "slow" etc. rotors was controlled by a set of five multi-switches. This gave a total of formula_1 different rotor stepping patterns. The machine was equipped with a total of 10 rotors, each of which could be inserted "direct" or in reversed order, yielding formula_2 possible rotor orderings and alignments.