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laxiflora    0.950404

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micrantha    0.943620

latifolium    0.943383

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atropurpurea    0.942112

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for oblongifolia

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Maerua oblongifolia The root of this plant, which tastes like coconut pulp, is edible and is eaten with sugar. In Telugu this plant is called by name Bhoochakra gadda (In Telangana) and Bhoochakra dumpa (In Andhra) . Tribes harvest this tuber in summer. The tuber is medicinal and is eaten to quench thirst. Traditionally, the fleshy roots of this plant is used as alternative tonic and stimulant. The plant is also used for treatment of Snake bite and Scorpion sting
Mertensia oblongifolia " Mertensia oblongifolia" is a perennial herb producing many erect stems from a thick, branching caudex, approaching 40 centimeters in maximum height. The leaves are oval to lance-shaped, located all along the stem. The inflorescence is a dense, sometimes crowded cluster of hanging blue tubular flowers with expanded, bell-like mouths. The flower measures 1 to 2 centimeters long.
Clermontia oblongifolia The rare subspecies "mauiensis" is endemic to Maui, where there is only a single plant remaining in the montane wet forests. It has been extirpated from Lānai. This subspecies is federally listed as an endangered species of the United States.
Drypetes oblongifolia It is a host for larvae of the butterfly species "Appias albina" and "Appias india".
Dryobalanops oblongifolia "Dryobalanops oblongifolia" Dyer subsp. "oblongifolia" Dyer (synonyms = "Baillonodendron malayanum" & "Dryobalanops abnormis" ) is endemic to Borneo. It is found in at least one protected area (Kubah National Park), but is threatened elsewhere due to habitat loss. It is an emergent tree, up to 60 m tall, found in mixed dipterocarp forest on sandy clay soils.