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Telphusa objecta Telphusa objecta is a moth of the Gelechiidae family. It is found in Zimbabwe.
Telphusa objecta The wingspan is about 18 mm. The forewings are brown irregularly and suffusedly mixed with dark fuscous, the anterior half irregularly marked with dark fuscous and with an irregular transverse suffused ochreous-whitish blotch from the middle of the costa, almost reaching an irregular triangular ochreous-white blotch on the dorsum opposite. There are irregular ochreous-white opposite spots on the costa at three-fourths and the tornus and there are irregular undefined white marginal dots around the apex. The hindwings are rather dark grey, lighter anteriorly.
Trio AB Trio started out as a company developing PC-Fax programs for the consumer market, but in 1997 it acquired two companies: Preseco Informationssystem AB and the operation in Objecta Elektronik & Data AB. During this, Trio moves from the consumer market more toward the business-to-business market. The technology from the three companies is integrated in to Trio PresentOffice, and in December 1998 Trio's stock is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.