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Oberau Oberau is a municipality in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bavaria, Germany.
Oberau Tunnel Although the Leipzig–Dresden railway ran over the fairly flat terrain of northern Saxony, the northern slopes of the Dresden Basin meant that a tunnel was required because at that time it was believed that trains on major railways could not climb significant slopes. Similarly, the Berlin-Dresden railway, which was built half a century later, partly running parallel with it, has its steepest gradients in this area.
Oberau Tunnel The Oberau Tunnel ("Oberauer Tunnel") was the second railway tunnel in Germany after a railway tunnel on the Tollwitz–Dürrenberg Railway ("Tollwitz-Dürrenberger Eisenbahn", a 585 mm gauge mining railway), but it was the first tunnel of a normal railway on the continent of Europe. It was driven between 1837 and 1839 on the Leipzig–Dresden railway by Freiberg miners and opened out in 1933/1934. Today only an obelisk commemorates this milestone in German railway history.
Oberau Tunnel More than 500 miners sunk four 20 m-deep shafts to the level of the tunnel floor. The tunnel was driven from the bottom of these shafts and from the tunnel portals. Two of the shafts were later used for the ventilation of the tunnel. The tunnel was completely lined with 8,900 m³ of Elbe Sandstone to reduce the water inflow.
Oberau Tunnel With the opening of the Leipzig–Dresden railway on 7 April 1839, Oberau station, which was situated high above the cutting leading to the tunnel, was the closest station to Meissen. Because of this unfavourable situation, Meissen sought a more convenient station and in 1842 Niederau station was opened on the line about 2.5 kilometres south of the tunnel. With the opening of Niederau station, the Leipzig–Dresden Railway Company closed Oberau station on 15 May 1842.
Oberau Tunnel From 1933 to 1934, Oberau Tunnel was converted into a cutting because of its restricted structure gauge and the severe damage caused by water and frost during its operation. In the area of the former tunnel, state road 177 between Radeburg and Meissen now crosses the line on a bridge.
Oberau Tunnel A monument to the tunnel was built out of the original material of the portal crown; it reused the Saxon coat of arms, which was once at the centre of the portal. The Dresden coat of arms was placed on the left and is now located on a memorial stone next to the road bridge.
Fachbach Recommendable is the "Nieverner Hütte", an iron works on the Fachbacher island Oberau in the Lahn river. It belongs in former times to Nievern and is a recognized industrial monument. The island Oberau was between the 60s and 70s location of the Gustav Fudickar "Schlafwohl" (literally: Sleepwell) upholstery and mattress factory (founded 1885). The Fudickar upholstery and mattress factory built the Fachbacher district "Auf der Oberau" and had patents of special spring mattresses. Today, the building on the island Oberau are used by various small businesses. In the forest of Fachbach were found fossils and the fauna shows many various butterflies, including very rare specimens.
Radebeul Ost station The section from Weintraube via Coswig to Oberau, at the end of the now demolished Oberau Tunnel, was opened on 16 September 1838. The Leipzig–Dresden railway was completed in 1839, it was duplicated in 1839 and 1840 and Kötzschenbroda station was also opened in 1840.
Radebeul Kötzschenbroda station The section from Weintraube via Coswig to Oberau was opened on 3 November 1838, prior to the completion of the Oberau Tunnel. After the opening of the entire Leipzig–Dresden line in 1839, the whole line was doubled and this was completed in 1840. Kötzschenbroda station was also opened in 1840.