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Article Example
Central Blues In 2010 the Central Blues won their first OAFL Premiership versus their downtown Toronto rivals the Toronto Dingos.
Sport in Ottawa Australian Rules Football started in 2008 when the Ottawa Swans joined the Ontario Australian Football League (OAFL).
Hamilton Wildcats The Hamilton Wildcats was founded by Bill Frampton who took a keen interest in Australian football and was inspired by the rapid growth of other OAFL teams throughout the GTA in the late 1980s. Following local promotion and recruiting, the Wildcats established a team of keen ground-roots players who played their OAFL inauguration match in the 1990 summer season.
Ontario Australian Football League Division 2 The OAFL Division 2 season is traditionally shorter than that of the OAFL. In 2009 due to teams playing different amounts of matches the ladder was determined by 'Match Ratio' rather than premiership points. In 2010 all teams competed in 8 rounds and thus the ladder reverted to determining positions by premiership points.
Toronto Downtown Dingos Year 2000 was a very special season for the Toronto Downtown Dingos winning its First OAFL Premiership and establishing their club song, a first for OAFL teams. 2002 saw the Dingos return to the Grand Final after beating the Eagles in the Qualifying Final, but the Premiership went to the Eagles.
Australian rules football in Canada In early 2007, the Ottawa Swans formed, and affiliated with the OAFL, and the Demons relocated from Mississauga to High Park in inner Toronto.
Quebec Saints In 2009 the OAFL relaunched 'Rec' Footy as OAFL Division 2. Five teams took part in the inaugural season including the Central Blues, Etobicoke Roos, Toronto Eagles, Broadview Hawks and Québec Saints. The Saints competed in the division for two years. The team finally withdrew from the competition because of the extreme travel requirements. From 2011 onwards the Saints focused on playing exhibition matches and sending representatives to the United States Nationals tournament.
Ontario Australian Football League Division 2 The Ontario Australian Football League Division 2 was established in 2009 and is a second tier competition to Canada's oldest Australian football league the OAFL. It currently consists of four teams from Ontario and one from Quebec.
Toronto Eagles Soon after forming the OAFL, the pioneers of the league formed an affiliation with teams from the Australian Football League (AFL). This affiliation brought forward the formation of two teams - the Toronto Panthers and the Mississauga Mustangs.
Hamilton Wildcats Since this time, the OAFL has grown in scope and depth; in the face of increasingly tough competition from teams in the GTA, the Hamilton Wildcats has proved its mettle. Hamilton has had local players such as Charles Thompson, Reuben Sculthorp, Nick Dirago and Justin Settle selected for Canada's men's national Australian football team, Northwind (Australian rules football team), and Kendra Heil, Jodie Fluit, Candace Kwan and Danielle Comolli selected for Canada's women's national team, Northern Lights. These national teams have played in many widely attended international series at home and abroad such as the Australian Football International Cup and the 49th Parallel Cup. Furthermore, the men's team reached the OAFL final series in 2007 and the women's team has reached the OAFL grand final all 3 years of its existence 2012, 2013 and 2014.