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Nuklonas In 1990–92, alongside its main production, the factory produced monocrystalline silicon solar cells. In 1994, the factory was declared bankrupt. In 1995, the factory resumed production, controlled by AB "Nuklonas" (registered on November 22, 1994). During the first months company had 250 employees and reached the income of . In 1996, the company was obliged to transfer its retreat center worth to the city of Šiauliai. In October 1997, the creditors of AB "Nuklonas" decided to liquidate the company.
Nuklonas The factory was established in 1966. According to Algirdas Brazauskas, it was established in Šiauliai because , Minister of Electronic Industry, was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union in the city. The factory occupied a territory of ; its buildings had of floor space. At its peak it employed some 4,200 workers. The factory produced modern integrated circuits for the most important civilian and military instruments. When in 1984, United States formed the Strategic Defense Initiative to re-ignite an arms race with the Soviet Union, Soviet Ministry of Electronic Industry suggested that the factory be expanded by . Lithuanian communists, including Petras Griškevičius and Algirdas Brazauskas, refused. The episode is cited as an example of local soviet officials defending Lithuanian interest against orders from Moscow. from 1986, the factory produced personal computers BK 0010 that were intended to be used in computerizing high schools.
Nuklonas Nuklonas (PO Box M-5621) is a former military manufacturer of integrated circuits in Šiauliai, Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic.
Nuklonas In 1989, the factory commissioned artist Anicetas Simutis to produce tapestry for its newly constructed culture house. The work "Saulėtas miškas" (Sunny Forest) measures and is recognized by the Lithuanian Records Book as the largest in Lithuania. Due to Nuklonas bankruptcy, the tapestry was sold back to Simutis. In 1993, the unfinished culture house was transferred to the Catholic Church in hopes that the congregation could re-purpose the building to a church. The church functioned there until 2006 when the property was sold to VP Group that built a shopping mall in its place.
Nuklonas After the liquidation of AB "Nuklonas", industry of integrated circuits in Šiauliai ceased to exist. The buildings of the factory were split by various companies. Since 1998, AB "Nuklonas" administration building houses the Šiauliai University's Faculty of Social Sciences. The university wanted to establish Šiauliai University Science and Technology Park, but the project failed due to debts and mismanagement.