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Article Example
National Society of Professional Engineers In 1976, the NSPE was the petitioner in "National Society of Professional Engineers v. United States, 435 U.S. 679". The United States brought this antitrust suit against the NSPE, claiming that the NSPE's ethical canon prohibiting its members from submitting competitive bids for engineering services suppressed competition in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The NSPE countered with argument for exception under the Rule of Reason. The United States Supreme Court decided against the NSPE.
Seamless3d Because NSPE ensures that when a polygon's vertex is dragged it will always be on the NURBS surface, NSPE greatly helps the user to avoid unintentionally changing the shape of the model when optimizing for real time animation.
National Society of Professional Engineers NSPE has founded and works closely with a number of nonprofit organizations and outreach-based activities.
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies A government sponsored registration is opposed by the NCEES and NSPE.
Seamless3d NSPE allows the user to hand edit the polygons on NURBS surfaces. This includes being able to drag the vertices anywhere along the NURBS surface as well as join the vertices together, break the vertices apart and color them. NSPE has a significant advantage over simply converting a NURBS surface to a polygon mesh for editing because NSPE lets the user be able continue to modify the NURBS surface for the hand edited polygon structure.