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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for nsl

Article Example
NSL Cup The NSL Cup was an Australian soccer competition organised by the Australian Soccer Federation between 1977 and 1997.
NSL (company) NSL is one of fewer than 50 companies nationwide to achieve the Investor in People Champion status and won the Training Award at the 2007 British Parking Awards.
NSL (company) NSL also provide a number of other services. These include:
NSL Buses On 28 February 2009, NCP Callenger commenced operating route 283. In April 2009, NCP Challenger was rebranded NSL Buses, as part of a rebranding of the NCP Services Group to NSL.
NSL Cup For the 1993-94 season the Cup was played in the preseason, before being played as a mid-season break for the 1995-96 season and then returning to the preseason for the 1996-97 season. The 1996-97 Cup was the final cup to be playing during the NSL years and saw a brand new club, Collingwood Warriors, defeat Marconi in the final. A replacement national knock-out cup was not instigated until the FFA Cup in 2014.
NSL (company) NSL, formerly known as NCP, was formed in Spring 2007 by the demerger of NCP into two separate businesses. It provides parking services, patient transport services, bus and coach operations, city centre CCTV monitoring, back office processing, streetscape consultancy and debt recovery.
NSL (company) NSL patient transport includes services for non-emergency, high dependency, bariatric and secure/mental health patients. NSL is the largest private non-emergency patient transport provider in the UK, transporting over 2m patients to and from their appointments every year. NSL is a member of the Independent Ambulance Association (IAA).
NSL (company) Westminster Council CEOs (outsourced to NSL) have also been filmed using illegal tactics to block cars.
NSL Buses NSL Buses was a bus operator in London operating services under contract to Transport for London.
NSL Buses A depot was established at Twickenham Trading Estate (off Rugby Road), and a number of London United staff filled the management positions. On 31 March 2007, NCP Challenger commenced operating route 493.