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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for npsi

Article Example
New Italian Socialist Party In 2013 the NPSI joined Forza Italia (FI), the new party born from the PdL's ashes.
New Italian Socialist Party From some time the NPSI had actually two leaderships, elected in two separate congresses: on 24 June Stefano Caldoro was elected secretary of the right-wing faction of the party, while on 7–8 July Mauro Del Bue was elected secretary and De Michelis president by those NPSI members who wanted to take part to the foundation of the Socialist Party, whose first meeting took place on 14 July. In practical terms, there were two parties with the same name. After the split, both groups had a member in the Chamber of Deputies: Mauro Del Bue for the NPSI–De Michelis and Barani for the NPSI–Caldoro.
Italian Socialist Party (2007) Similarly to its precursors (SI, SDI and NPSI), the PSI has its strongholds in Southern and Central Italy.
United Socialists for Europe After this experience NPSI remained part of the House of Freedoms coalition, while US joined the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI).
Reformist Socialists After the election the party reapproached itself with NPSI and finally decided to join to Silvio Berlusconi's The People of Freedom.