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Antonio Luna Antonio Novicio Luna (29 October 1866 – 5 June 1899), an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino general who fought in the Philippine–American War.
Siege of Baler The two Franciscan priests, Félix Minaya and Juan López, plus the "Yorktown" seaman George Arthur Venville, were kept as prisoners by Novicio, until the priests were rescued by the Americans on 3 June 1900, having re-garrisoned Baler earlier that year. Venville however was led to his death by the hands of Ilongots, before the American arrival. Furthermore, Novicio was put on trial for ordering the "Yorktown" sailor Ora B. McDonald buried alive after the ambush. Found guilty, Novicio faced a life sentence of hard labor in Bilibid Prison.
Luna, La Union On 18 October 1906, during the terms of Governor Joaquin Luna and Mayor Primitivo Resurrección Novicio, the town was renamed "Luna" through "Philippine Commission Act No. 1543". It was the first town that altered its name since the creation of the province in 1850. The change was to honour the famous Luna brothers: Revolutionary General Antonio and "Spoliarium" painter Juan; their mother, Doña Laureana Novicio Luna, was a native of Namacpacan.
Juan Luna Juan Novicio Luna (October 23, 1857 – December 7, 1899) was a Filipino painter, sculptor and a political activist of the Philippine Revolution during the late 19th century. He became one of the first recognized Philippine artists.
Tubao The lot on which the church building and the convent of the Sisters were built on was bought from Doña Laureana Novicio de Luna, mother of the famous Luna brothers -- Juan Luna and Antonio Luna.