Top 10 similar words or synonyms for novels

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for novels

Article Example
Fantastic Novels The new title immediately became successful, and demand for reprints of old favorites was such that Munsey decided to launch an additional magazine, "Fantastic Novels", in July 1940, edited, like "Famous Fantastic Mysteries", by Mary Gnaedinger. The two magazines were placed on bimonthly schedules, arranged to alternate with each other, though the schedule slipped slightly with the fifth issue of "Fantastic Novels", dated April 1941 but following the January 1941 issue. "Fantastic Novels" was suspended after that issue and merged with "Famous Fantastic Mysteries". The stated reason was that "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" "is apparently the favorite title", but it seems likely that production difficulties caused by World War II played a part. The June 1941 and August 1941 issues of "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" both carried the slogan "Combined with Fantastic Novels Magazine" on the cover.
Fantastic Novels "Fantastic Novels" came into existence because of the demand from readers of "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" for book-length reprints. Gnaedinger observed that "Everyone seems to have realized that although [the] set-up of five to seven stories with two serials running, was highly satisfactory, that the long list of novels would have to be speeded up somehow". When the new magazine was launched, "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" was partway through serialization of Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint's "The Blind Spot", with the third episode appearing in the May/June 1940 issue. Rather than complete the serialization, Gnaedinger printed the novel in its entirety in the first issue of "Fantastic Novels", ensuring that readers of "Famous Fantastic Mysteries" would also acquire the new magazine. Over the next four issues she printed Ray Cummings' "People of the Golden Atom", Ralph Milne Farley's "The Radio Beasts", and two novels by A. Merritt: "The Snake Mother" and "The Dwellers in the Mirage". Gnaedinger's interest in reprinting Merritt's work helped make him one of the better-known fantasy writers of the era.
Pacesetter Novels The Pacesetters series was characterised by tragic tales of woe, cautionary tales, and "rags to riches" (and sometimes back to rags!) tales.
CSI (novels) They are all released by Pocket Books and have been written by a range of notable authors including Max Allan Collins ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), Donn Cortez ("CSI: Miami"), and Stuart M. Kaminsky ("CSI: NY").
Chimneys novels "The Chimney Murder" (1929) was an unrelated novel by E. M. Channon.
Doom novels The secondary protagonist, Private First Class Arlene "A.S." Sanders is also a member of Fox Company, and is Fly's best friend and motivation for entering the Union Aerospace Corporation facility on Phobos after the apparent massacre of Fox Company. She is the only character, apart from Fly, to appear in all four novels. However, she does not exist in the Doom fictional universe beyond the novel. As the videogames only show Fly to be the last remaining human survivor.
Doom novels During an operation in the fictional setting Kerfiristan, Flynn Taggart manages to land himself in trouble after attacking Fox Company's commanding officer, Lieutenant Weems (this owing to Weems ordering his troops to fire on what turned out to be religious monks). Before Fly can be court martialled, a distress call is received from the Union Aerospace Corporation facility on Phobos, and he travels with the rest of the company to the Martian moon. Fox Company initially finds the facility abandoned, although they later encounter opposition, which quickly wipes out Fox Company.
Doom novels Fearing for his best friend, Arlene Sanders, Fly forcibly "convinces" his guards to let him go and begins to make his way through the Phobos facility, encountering all manner of zombies and demons. The fate of Fly's guards is never revealed. He eventually encounters signs that Arlene survived the enemy assault, and begins to actively search for her, eventually leading him to a teleportation device, and then the abandoned Deimos base.
Doom novels The party of marines is recruited by Sears and Roebuck to assist on an attack on a Fred base; the Freds being the alien race responsible for the invasion of Earth. Albert is seriously injured during the preparation of the Klave starship. Hidalgo dies due to a teleporter mishap. Fly, Arlene, and Sears and Roebuck quickly complete the mission, but as they cannot return to their vessel. The four are forced to Gate onto a Fred ship, disabling the crew in hand-to-hand combat.
Santangelo novels Two television miniseries have been made based on the "Santangelo" novels, which were adapted by Collins herself: