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Functional dependency formula_41 of formula_13 with formula_41 ≡ formula_13. If such an formula_41 exists, formula_13 is redundant. formula_13 is a nonredundant cover for formula_22 if formula_13 is a cover for formula_22 and formula_13 is nonredundant.
Functional dependency A set formula_13 of FDs is nonredundant if there is no proper subset
Structural holes The redundancy in network is calculated by summing up this product across all nodes "q". One minus this expression expresses the nonredundant portion of relationship. Effective size of "i"’s network is defined as a sum of the "j"’s nonredundant contacts.
Mean time between outages where MTBF is the nonredundant mean time between failures and FFAS is the fraction of failures for which the failed equipment is automatically bypassed.
Structural holes The more each node is disconnected from other primary contacts, the higher the effective size would be. This indicator varies from 1 (network only provides a single link) to the total number of links N (each contact is nonredundant).
Neuronal self-avoidance Neuronal communication requires the coordinated assembly of axons, dendrites, and synapses. Therefore, self-avoidance is necessary for proper neuronal wiring and postnatal development and, together with neuronal tiling (heteroneuronal avoidance), is a crucial spacing mechanism for patterning neural circuits that results in complete and nonredundant innervation of sensory or synaptic space.
EMR2 Like the related CD97 protein, the fourth EGF-like domain of EMR2 binds chondroitin sulfate B to mediate cell attachment. However, unlike CD97 EMR2 does not interact with the complement regulatory protein, decay accelerating factor CD55, and indicating that these very closely related proteins likely have nonredundant functions.
Functional dependency An alternative characterization of nonredundancy is that formula_13 is nonredundant if there is no FD "X" → "Y" in formula_13 such that formula_54 - {"X" → "Y"} formula_55 "X" → "Y". Call an FD "X" → "Y" in formula_13 redundant in formula_13 if formula_54 - {"X" → "Y"} formula_55 "X" → "Y".
MG-RAST In order to identify the putative functions and annotation of the genes, MG-RAST builds clusters of proteins at 90% identity level using the UCLUST implementation in QIIME. The longest sequence of each cluster will be selected for a similarity analysis. The similarity analysis is computed through sBLAT (in which BLAT algorithm is parallelized using OpenMP). The search is computed against a protein database derived from the M5nr, which provides nonredundant integration of sequences from GenBank, SEED, IMG, UniProt, KEGG and eggNOGs databases.
CS23D "Chemical shift threading:" Backbone Phi and Psi torsion angles predicted from chemical shifts by PREDITOR are mapped into nine different regions in Ramachandran space, each of which are assigned specific letters. A protein can represented by a sequence of these nine "torsion angle letters". Thrifty is using these sequences of torsion angle letters to identify good templates in a database of ∼18 500 nonredundant PDB structures that have had their structures converted to the nine-letter Ramachandran "alphabet".