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nleu    0.805395

nmephe    0.796024

azagly    0.772881

glyglu    0.768509

dphe    0.767167

hydroxyvaline    0.761602

nmeile    0.760922

hphe    0.758877

biphenylalanine    0.754773

allohydroxyllysine    0.753397

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Antimicrobial peptides A lot of effort has been put into controlling cell selectivity. For example, Katsumi tried to modify and optimize the physicochemical parameters of the peptides to control the selectivities, including net charge, helicity, hydrophobicity per residue (H), hydrophobic moment (μ) and the angle subtended by the positively charged polar helix face (Φ). Other mechanisms like the introduction of D-amino acids and fluorinated amino acids in the hydrophobic phase are believed to break the secondary structure and thus reduce hydrophobic interaction with mammalian cells. Wan L Z, el found that Pro→Nlys substitution in Pro-containing β-turn antimicrobial peptides was a promising strategy for the design of new small bacterial cell-selective antimicrobial peptides with intracellular mechanisms of action. Nadezhda V el suggested that direct attachment of magainin to the substrate surface decreased nonspecific cell binding and led to improved detection limit for bacterial cells such as Salmonella and E. coli.