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National Housing and Construction Company In 2011, NHCC owned assets in excess of US$70 million, with annual turnover of US$6 million. NHCC owned 5.0% of Housing Finance Bank, Uganda's 9th largest commercial bank, as of December 2013.
National Hispanic Cultural Center The architectural design of the NHCC recalls styles from Spain, Mesoamerica and early New Mexico.
National Housing and Construction Company As of October 2016, the shareholding in the stock of NHCC was as depicted in the table below:
Monuments and Historic Sites of Zambia These are not declared national monuments but are probably on the larger NHCC list of historic sites. It is an informal and incomplete list of sites — please add (with references if possible) even if you are unsure of their NHCC status.
National Housing and Construction Company NHCC owns the twin towers known as Crested Towers in Nakasero, currently housing the headquarters of Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited and the headquarters of the European Union in Uganda, among other tenants. According to the CEO of NHCC, as of June 2016, the buildings were valued in excess of USh80 billion (approx. US$23.5 million). The rent derived from this development is worth USh13 billion (approx. US$3.82 million) every year, according to the CEO.
National Housing and Construction Company In July 2014, NHCC borrowed US$9 million from Shelter Afrique, a Nairobi-based pan-African finance institution, for the purpose of constructing more affordable housing in Uganda.
New Haven Country Club In the first 17 years of existence NHCC leased the farmland. However, in 1915 the members voted to buy the land for $80,000.
National Hispanic Cultural Center Since its grand opening in 2000, the NHCC has welcomed over 3.6 million visitors, with an annual visitation of between 200,000 and 250,000. Events, exhibitions and programs are presented in the areas of music, theatre, dance, visual arts, culinary arts, film, history, literary arts and cultural-significant customs, featuring local, national and international artists, scholars and entertainers. In addition to its own events, the NHCC also hosts hundreds of rental events each year - in its theatres, ballrooms and outside plaza.
National Housing and Construction Company NHCC was established by the National Housing Corporation Act of 1964, as a government parastatal. The Act was repealed by the 1974 Decree to form the National Housing and Construction Corporation. In July 2002, the corporation became a public limited liability company known as the National Housing and Construction Company Limited. Later, the Uganda government partially divested from NHCC by selling 49 percent shareholding to the Libyan African Investment Company, an investment company owned by the government of Libya.
New Haven Country Club In the late 20th century NHCC became a much more inclusive and egalitarian club than it was in its first 50 years. The porch off the men's locker room eventually allowed access to female members and the grill room allowed women to dine in 1991. The club's membership became increasingly diverse with Italian, Jewish, and other cultural groups. With the closing of several area country clubs around the Great Recession NHCC absorbed many new golfing members. Today NHCC is more socially, economically, geographically diverse than it has ever been. While members in the first half century mostly lived within a several mile radius of the club, today live as far as Fairfield and Hartford Counties.