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Jonathan Nesci Nesci's first solo exhibition, "The New," was at Volume Gallery in 2010, and his first solo exhibition, "Nine Variations" in New York was at Patrick Parish Gallery in 2011. In 2014 Nesci created 100 unique aluminum tables for the exhibition "100 Variations," that responded to the design of Eliel Saarinen's First Christian Church. and in 2015 he premiered a collection of mirrors, coffee tables, and vases at Patrick Parish Gallery in the exhibition, "Present Perimeter".
Jonathan Nesci While still working at Wright auction, Nesci's designs first appeared in 2007 at a juried group exhibition for Design Within Reach in Chicago. In 2008 he left Wright to pursue a full-time career in design. Since 2007 Nesci has exhibited his works at Design Miami with Casati Gallery, Giovanni Beltran, Patrick Parish Gallery, Plusdesign Gallery, and Volume Gallery. He has designed booths for Casati Gallery and Patrick Parish Gallery for Design Miami, Art Basel, EXPO Chicago and Collective Design Fair.
Joe Nesci Joe Nesci (born August 24, 1956) is the head men's basketball coach at New York University.
Filippo Nesci Filippo Arturo Nesci is a multimedia artist and producer. Nesci was born in Rome graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California) and currently lives in Los Angeles. He contributed to the invention of Multimedia Psychotherapy by his father (Domenico A. Nesci), a psychoanalyst in Rome and Toronto.
Filippo Nesci Nesci was producer of the following short films: "Martha" (director: Sam Benenati, score: James Vincent McMorrow), "Snippets of Wally Watkins" (director: Kevin Lin, 2014), "Lineman" (director: Eugene Weiss, 2013), "Wrecks & Violins" (director: Kevin Lin, 2012), "The Carnival is on Fire" (director: Ryan McDonald, 2012). He also produced music videos for the songs "80’s Fitness" (KOAN Sound) and "Monster" (Meg Myers) as well as several commercials.
Jonathan Nesci His installation "100 Variations" served as a pilot project for Exhibit Columbus, which will feature more than 15 site responsive designs in the 2017 exhibition. Nesci is a member of the Exhibit Columbus Curatorial Team where his work focuses on the "Washington Street Installations."
Filippo Nesci At the moment he is also experimenting with oil painting on canvas and glitch art, while continuing to produce films in the United States.
Jonathan Nesci Jonathan Nesci (born 21 June 1981, Chicago, Illinois) is an American designer best known for his furniture, lighting, and exhibition design. His minimalist furniture has been exhibited at international design shows, including Design Miami, Collective Design Fair, EXPO Chicago, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, PAD London, and PAD Paris. He lives in Columbus, Indiana and formerly worked at Wright auction house in Chicago, Illinois.
Pelicula 2013 Audience choice award "" (Gabriel Nesci, 2012)
Multimedia Psychotherapy Multimedia Psychotherapy is a new form of psychotherapy created by psychoanalyst Domenico A. Nesci (member of the International Psychoanalytic Association) and his son, producer artist Filippo A. Nesci, in Rome, Italy, in 2007.