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sumatraensis    0.885263

capricornis    0.870044

naemorhedus    0.854204

serow    0.852203

lophophorus    0.838306

milneedwardsii    0.831622

chrysogaster    0.830036

goral    0.825060

przewalskii    0.824541

hainanus    0.824503

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Gloster Goral Goral is the local name for a goat-antelope, native to the mountains of Northern India, "Nemorhaedus goral".
Goral The gorals are four species in the genus Nemorhaedus or Naemorhedus. They are small ungulates with a goat-like or antelope-like appearance.
Red goral Reports dating back to 1912 of a remarkable foxy-red coloured goral or goat-antelope (Nemorhaedus) from S.E. Tibet and N.E. Assam have been investigated.
Caprinae Members of the group vary considerably in size, from just over long for a full-grown grey goral ("Nemorhaedus goral"), to almost long for a musk ox, and from under to more than . Musk oxen in captivity have reached over .
Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Rare animals in the park include the mainland serow ("Nemorhaedus sumatraensis"), dusky langurs ("Trachypithecus obscurus"), fishing cats ("Prionailurus viverrinus") (; ), as well as many bird species. At sea, the occasional Irrawaddy dolphin ("Orcaella brevirostris") shows up.