Top 10 similar words or synonyms for nasoenteric

nasojejunal    0.884551

nasoduodenal    0.870549

orogastric    0.828966

nasogastric    0.793713

nasoenteral    0.778913

endrotracheal    0.765303

orojejunal    0.737847

nasotracheal    0.737410

shermeta    0.731512

endotrachael    0.719050

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Article Example
Abdulhadi al-Khawaja Beginning on 20 April, al-Khawaja refused all fluids, including water and intravenous saline. He asked to see his lawyer to write a will, but was denied access for the fourth week. So he begged his wife to pass on three things: that he was completely convinced as to the rightness of his action and, could he go back, would choose the same path again; his appeal that no one attempt a similar strike to the death; and finally, "If I die, in the next 24 hrs, I ask the people to continue on the path of peaceful resistance... I don't want anybody to be hurt in my name." On 25 April (his 77th day of hunger strike), his wife learned he had disappeared from his hospital bed. Both the Ministry of Interior and the Bahrain Defense Force hospital refused information as to his whereabouts or treatment. On 29 April, it emerged that he had been drugged, tied to a bed, and forcibly fed with a nasoenteric tube. Al-Khawaja considered the force feeding and the solitary confinement to be torture; he gave the doctor's name as Dr Ebrahim Zuwayed, declared he will hold him, the hospital and the Ministry of Interior responsible, and that he was continuing with his hunger strike.